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  1. Marusero
    So… what do you think of today's Smash Direct?
  2. Amberdoll
    I'm so excited that they're putting it in theaters
  3. ScraftyIsTheBest
    In any case though, the game still looks to be pretty funny as a fanservice game and there's a lot of potential for interesting character dynamics, like Futaba's interactions with Fuuka and Rise, and Kanji interacting with Ryuji (since they're both delinquents), and possibly a strange dynamic between Akechi and Naoto, or Morgana and Teddie not getting along. Also Yukari/Rise/Ann possibly or Makoto Niijima and Mitsuru interacting. There's a lot of room for fun, interesting dynamics between 3/4/5 casts and I hope they can pull out some good ones. The Yu fans will also go wild over him snagging all the P5 girls and having them gush over how amazing and handsome and cool he is haha.
  4. ScraftyIsTheBest
    The game does look pretty interesting imo, but the fact that it's all three of P3/4/5 casts worries me a little in that I'm concerned about how they're going to handle having such a huge cast of characters in terms of giving everyone the necessary amount of screen time. The story basis does look pretty interesting though and I am interested in seeing character interactions between the casts and it'll be fun imo.

    I'm still apprehensive about the potential English localization and Rise/FeMC though since it's veeery questionable if Laura would even be able to come back for either of them. I shudder at the prospect of Burch doing Rise again, but part of me is hoping PCB realizes their mistake and tries to get a better sub/replacement for Laura if she can't return (Erica Mendez and Natalie Lander would be very good for this imo, the former would be great since we'd have three Eric(k)as in the same game if that happened). I guess I can only hope for the best there though lol.
  5. Amberdoll
  6. doodlebugfour
    I founded another character who's similar to Camilla character-wise, but better (and sexier).

    Queen Tyr'ahne from Duck Dodgers
  7. Marusero
    Thanks for the feedback.
  8. Marusero
    Can you please… answer my question?
  9. doodlebugfour
    Gameplay is traditional turn based combat, though it does share some Fire Emblem VAs (Patrick Seitz, Greg Chun, Cindy Robinson etc.). Subjobs are secondary jobs you equip to a character to give them more abilities/weapon types to use in battle (along with some minor stat boosts), while still retaining their Main job. Though you have to find shrines that will bestow you a secondary job, and the ones with the hidden 4 bonus jobs are guarded by high level creatures.
  10. Marusero
    'Scuse me?

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