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  1. Starscreamsfan
    Yup, Filmation had two shows featuring Bats.

    I only have one explanation for that: budget. West and Ward were only brought back 'cause Filmation couldn't bring back Olan Soule and Casey Kasem.

    Also, budget is the reason why there were only five actors on the show: West, Ward, Len Weinrib, Melendy Britt and Lou Scheimer.
  2. Starscreamsfan
    It's quite likely.

    Yeah, well, Scarecrow could have been the most sneaky one.

    Yup, you should. And I'm gonna send that history of America satire through the mail.
  3. Starscreamsfan
    Oh, that's cool.

    Well, a reason I can come up is that Batgirl wasn't part of the toyline.

    Oh, you mean in Challenge??? Well, I really don't know why he never unmasked him before.

    Ah, okay.

  4. Starscreamsfan
    Checked the Raph line, and yeah, seems like he snuck onto the scene.

    I really read it fast so I focused more on the action and interactions between the characters that I neglected to take notice of the hints. The fact that this story was written differently kinda added to that (but it's a nice change of pace).

    That's cool.
  5. Starscreamsfan
    Burr was the director of the first two series. He then got fired and Don Jurwich replaced him. Then, Gordon Hunt took over in the Super Powers cartoons. However, the casting directors for the Super Powers cartoons were Ginny McSwain and Andrea Romano.

    Nope. Filmation shows were mostly directed by Lou Scheimer and Arthur Nadel, but sometimes they brought in radio veteran Alan Dinehart (the guy who directed Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends).
    Yeah, if only there was another season I would have loved to hear the Filmation VAs again.
  6. Starscreamsfan
    Oh, that's cool.

    And yes, Mike would get to show a lot of range in my series. His Bulgor sounded a lot like Richard Newman (which is the main reason why I picked him as Tankor).

    Yeah, it helps that Andre's performance has a sense of mischief in his performance, which fits Tarantulas really well.

    I wasn't bothered by Wonder Woman's presence. Plus, if Batman had taken Scarecrow's mask off before, the episode would have been over too soon.

    Well, I don't know. But still, it was great to see Grodd and Giganta again (though Giganta is voiced by Joan Gerber in here).

    Yup, he had.
  7. Starscreamsfan

    Yeah, I loved the fact that you put a line from the movie in there.

    That's cool to hear.

    Yeah, but I'll check 'em later, 'cause right now, I'm checking other stuff.

    Yeah, Sara's MJ is really, really good I must say. Not the groovy 60's girl I imagine, but pretty darn good nonetheless.

    Jen was also pretty good. I found it really interesting that Black Cat was MJ.

    Yeah, Vanessa is pretty meh.
  8. Starscreamsfan
    Oh, and just checked act 2, and it was great. Loved the fact that Screamer almost blew his cover twice!!!

    Also, I like how you used the Dinobots here, and Swoop's doubts are really well founded.

    Overall, a solid act all around.
  9. Starscreamsfan
    Just checked the Spidey story and it was pretty cool. Loved his quips. The clan of Goblins was pretty cool too. Overall, a lot of great stuff here.

    As for voices, I just imagined the 90's actors.

    I'll check those clips later. First I wanna check the script.
  10. Starscreamsfan
    Oh, that's all really boss.

    Yeah, it's the only way to get them.

    I'm checking that Spidey story now. Also, remember to check the SuperFriends/Super Powers stuff I sent you recently to see which voices Mike would use for TH and Tankor after you send the act 2 script (I'll read it while you check the links).

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