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  1. Metabad
    Oh yeah, and I actually checked out most of your emails last night, turns out you did send me the Disney and Wizard of Oz episodes, I found it really neat how you're able to work all these Disney songs and situations all in one episode, and the Wizard of Oz stuff was really funny, especially the stuff with Quake. I also read through the Christmas one and found it pretty interesting how Primal was Santa Claus the entire time.
  2. Starscreamsfan
    Okay, cool. But yes, the 'cons get abused a lot in this one.

    Oh, checked that, and yes, that's a cool design. And yes, with a Knock Out grin, it would be perfect.


    I tried, and he stomped me!!!

    Quake's temper is absolutely short!!!

    Checked the first interview with Aimee, and I must say, she's pretty funny (kinda helps that she's with Craig Ferguson). Also, Mexirican, that's pretty cool.
  3. Metabad
    Annnd that just gave me the idea of Tony Jay as Darth Vader, since I imagined James Earl Jones as his voice.
  4. Starscreamsfan
    Ah, okay.

    Oh, that's cool. Speaking of fun, I just sent act one of "Defending the Base". If you've ever seen the first two Home Alone flicks, you might recognize some sequences.

    El Chupacabra!!! That's awesome, Danny would be perfect for that.

    Also, Quake and his minions are gonna be boss!!!

    And yay, MARK AS SKY-BYTE!!!!

    I'll try to check your stuff now, while you check act one. I may not be able to finish today, but I'll try to go through some of it.
  5. Metabad
    Alright, drew some quick lineart of my Nightshade, although it's kinda sloppy and not the best I can draw.


    On the left is his first humanoid robot form when he was a good guy that turned bad, on the right is when he got upgraded by his master after a terrible accident ala Darth Vader, I imagine your Nightshade looking moreso like the right one rather than the left one.
  6. Starscreamsfan
    Checked the stuff in the mail. Nice Rachel and Bobby designs you got there.

    I like Isabella's design, she looks hot.

    Also, wow, Overlord's Rachel is so different compared to the standard one. She's a lot more tragic here.
  7. Metabad
  8. Metabad
    Nope, he doesn't appear.
  9. Metabad
    Wuh oh!

    And no I don't think I saw his minion, I'll double check though.
  10. Metabad
    Cue theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3D3nyPezcU

    Then the Ghostbusters would be useless...

    Very cool.

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