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  1. HylianBelmont
    Zexal's dub score actually did have some pretty nice music, I will say.

    I'm glad they at least had Yuya view Zarc in a more sympathetic light compared to Leo in episode 147. Obviously Leo wouldn't but still, there's always two sides to these things haha.

    BTW I watched the first 4 episodes of the Ace Attorney anime yesterday, it's not the best adaptation but I do rather like Bryan Massey as Gumshoe. And Eric Vale as Phoenix Wright is definitely more fitting than (the IMO miscast) Yuki Kaji. Who would have been more fitting for Apollo to me?
  2. HylianBelmont
    I also liked the track that played when Specter and Varis/Revolver were talking. It fit the atmosphere of where they were quite well I thought. I did also love the Zexal track that played after Kite said "looks like this is my lucky day" because... it probably would have been a cool rush of nostalgia had I actually watched Zexal beforehand, haha.

    Definitely. I do find the dub's writing becomes pretty good once Shun/Shay, Declan, and Leo Akaba start talking however, haha. Or it's more consistent with those characters I find. But yes, I actually think Kensho Ono and Micheal Liscio Jr. fit Zarc pretty well, despite how different the direction is for example. I find that Ono fits the Dragon form perfectly, and Liscio does better with the "demonic human form" IMO.
  3. HylianBelmont
    I like how they seem to be using more silent moments in VRains, judging from the first episode. Even Arc-V had silence when both Crow and Yusho got carded (IIRC). But yes, moments like when Yusho pulls off an impressive trick is where the dub soundtrack works IMO. It has a "stage show" sound to it at times (if that makes sense?)

    I'll agree that Arc-V's scripting definitely isn't the most consistent, but that said. I'm not too fond of how some people are using it as an excuse to insult every aspect of Arc-V's however. I mean VAs like Micheal Liscio Jr, Michael Crouch, Emily Bauer etc. Clearly weren't "phoning it in" at all IMO.
  4. HylianBelmont
    It's a shame, because I would love to hear how some of the tracks sound when they aren't cut to play constantly during the episodes. Even some of Arc-V's dub music sounds interesting every now and then. But yes, as far as JP themes are concerned I've always liked Manjoume's as well.

    That sounds like it was rather lovely, haha. I also loved Anubis's design as well for what it's worth. And I'm happy to hear of the positive reception to how episode 1 of the VRains dub was handled too, I did kinda figure the improvements they made in DSOD and Arc-V would happen with this show as well.
  5. HylianBelmont
    Hopefully so! His duel with the Supreme King was always one of my favourites in GX.

    It may just be a random battle bgm they decide to use, but yeah. It must have been something that happened somewhat recently I guess, seeing as they were able to use it for Bonds Beyond Time at least. And I remember some of the 5DS JP OST actually, I liked Crow's theme the most.

    Yeah, in the re-release of the first Yu-Gi-Oh film. Which apparently wasn't well-liked from what I can see, haha (personally I never thought it was "great" either, but it had it's moments)
  6. Autovolt
    I don’t think so.
  7. HylianBelmont
    I've also been playing a "Volcanic" deck with Bandit Keith, haha. Gotta use something until I can get the right machine cards.

    Yeah, like how hearing Jack Atlas's dub theme once he arrived in the Fusion Dimension just made that whole moment even better IMO. Or how cool it is when Kite starts his turn and then his (I assume?) dub theme starts playing. Though the lack of GX's music is a tad odd IMO. That said, I think the Arc-V specific theme for Kite in the JP version is really great as well.
  8. Autovolt
    i know its on their, i'm still not finished with Cardcaptors Sakura's first anime cause i'm lazy
  9. Autovolt
    Not sure how to feel about Jason Liebrehct as Li.

    I mean I love his work in general but as Li, I know he voiced him in Tsubasa but even though i've never seen it, that version of the character is different from the Cardcaptors version.
  10. HylianBelmont
    I'm not sure either, I suppose Konami of America probably just thought it sounded better. Gem-Knight Ruby doe look pretty nice, though I've yet to pull Garnet however.

    It fits her character quite well for sure! Also I feel the same about the theme that plays when you duel Bandit Keith, he's the only one who fits it as well. On a side note, I think Ted Lewis is actually better as him here than he was in the main show, haha.

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