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  1. BioZero216
    23 Hours Ago
    So, I take it you heard about the director of the Castlevania anime wanting to do a Berserk anime with 2D animation? I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Castlevania anime. I haven’t seen it myself. Some say it gets too preachy with its anti-Christian themes but the animation is gorgeous.

    Plus, Netflix will hopefully be smart enough to get NYAV Post to dub it.
  2. Metabad
    1 Day Ago
    Yeah, it does look a little out of place now that I look at it again. Definitely better than the face in the last fanart I saw of her, though: https://images-wixmp-ed30a86b8c4ca88...k-fullview.jpg

    It's well drawn otherwise, but the cheeks and eyes are just like whoa, man.
  3. Metabad
  4. Metabad
    3 Days Ago
    Took a lot of scrolling, but I ended up finding it, lol.
  5. Metabad
    3 Days Ago
    LOL, even better. I love the tear going down Killua's face.
  6. Metabad
    3 Days Ago

    ^ This but with Kurapika and Leorio
  7. Metabad
    3 Days Ago
  8. Metabad
    3 Days Ago
    "I might look a lot like him, but I am the waiter."

    That got...strangely inappropriate, it sounded like they were outright orgasming at times, and why did Kurapika have to say he was underaged just for ordering food at a restaurant? LOL!

    "Kurapika x Leorio FTW"
  9. Metabad
    3 Days Ago
    Ahh, okay. No worries, kinda had a feeling that's what you meant, but I thought you might've meant something else.

    I've only ever seen bits and pieces of the Ocean dub way back when as a kid, I recall being really impressed by Escaflowne's design, although I remember the human characters being pretty boring outside of the villains. Though that might've been because I was a kid that was only interested in cartoons that went "BOOM BOOM BOOOOOOOOOOM!" or were otherwise really funny.
  10. Metabad
    3 Days Ago
    I think I vaguely heard about that but never really looked into it. Sucks that some shows are inaccessible now, but if it means less generic outsourced dubs from them then maybe there is a silver lining.

    Sorry though, what does BD stand for?

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