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  1. Marusero
    If Sonic Adventure 1 were to be remade, would you like for the character models to be a middle ground between the original/Dreamcast and DX models? Because I honestly don't mind the latter.

    Also, back to Jet, do you think Kyle McCarley (using his Shinji Matou voice) could work for him as well?
  2. Marusero
    How about Robbie Daymond as Jet? Think of his Akechi voice—particularly during his boss fights.

    Would you also like to hear Ryan Bartley as Cream the Rabbit, based on her performance as Yusa Nishimori/Kurobane from Charlotte?
  3. Marusero
    Touché. The reason I suggested Todd as Jet, though, is because I think he could combine Griffith's voice with Yurchak's acting/delivery.

    And, uh, I'm also interested in Carrie Keranen as Wave the Swallow, based on her performance as Caroline from Persona 5, albeit using a slightly lower-pitched voice.
  4. Marusero
    Hey, uh, I saw you suggest Erik Scott Kimerer as Jet the Hawk in your Bang Zoom!–styled Sonic cast, although… maybe Todd Haberkorn (Natsu Dragneel, Fairy Tail) could work as well?
  5. Marusero
    Hey, pardon me for interrupting, but here's a little something for you if you want to give Sega some feedback: https://mobile.sega.com/contact/

    Hope you find it useful.
  6. Marusero
    'Kay. Thoughts on Salami Studios as a potential recording studio, though?
  7. Marusero
    Yep, that's why I suggested that kind of voice for if Ben voiced Sonic: it sounds like Ryan's Sonic voice, albeit somewhat more natural (if that makes sense).

    Maybe either Salami Studios or Studiopolis (but with a different director)?
  8. Marusero
    Agreed on both choices working for Knux, though there are other VAs that could work just as well.

    Precisely. Also, by "It's pretty fitting", you're referring to the voice I mentioned, right?

    I kind of have this question in mind: Regarding your main dream Sonic voice cast (which includes Josh Keaton as Sonic, Tara Strong as Tails, etc.), what would be the recording studio for it?
  9. Marusero
    Thanks, man. Additionally, if the Sonic series was given to NYAV, then… how about Marc Diraison as Knuckles? I did see you suggest him for a Bang Zoom!-styled cast.

    And, now that you mentioned it, I'm trying to come up with a cast built around Ben as Sonic, though I'm not too sure on which talent pool I should go for. Also, what do you think of Ben's Randy Cunningham voice for Sonic?
  10. Marusero
    Agreed. I'd love to see Ben voice Sonic in the games, too, even if it sounds a bit tricky. IMO, his Randy Cunningham voice would be a good fit, but the examples you mentioned are also decent.

    I can understand, man, though that has to do with direction, if anything. In fact, there are some VAs from the Studiopolis cast, like Mike Pollock as Eggman and Karen Strassman as Rouge, that I'd like to keep for an NYAV Post-styled cast. Not only that, but I'd also bring back Jason Griffith as Sonic (and maybe Shadow, if he were to use his Joe Shimamura voice, which sounds a lot better than what he ended up using), Lisa Ortiz as Amy, and Erica Schroeder as Blaze. Then again, this is just an idea of mine, though I've seen littlepaul1002 (the guy who kind of inspired me) do some here in the past.


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