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  1. doodlebugfour
    Hello to you.
  2. MasterBlaster
    Yeah, I think Max would work well for Ace, as well. If anything, I think he would work moreso for Ace than he would for Dan, if I'm being honest.

    As for my picks, well... Bryce tends to voice almost every kid hero archetype nowadays since he just has that natural tone to his voice, ya know, so I think he'd be a shoo-in. Armin from Attack on Titan came to mind when I thought of Josh Grelle. Ben Diskin's kinda in the same boat as Bryce, the few kid/youth characters he tends to play (Numbuh 1 & 2 from KND for example), tends to fit like a glove.

    True. I figured since we worked on it together, it should be the one I pick! Plus, I couldn't really think of any other ideas I had for a voice compare, to be honest with ya.

    Nah, I wasn't aware of that. Though, to be honest, I tend to stay away from that kinda drama, rather than add my two cents to it. Hope you're not offended, man.
  3. MasterBlaster
    Sorry, I've been busy for a while, working on some personal stuff while also working on requests for this site, hence my silence.

    That's a good suggestion, though! I don't really have much in regards of suggestions... hmmm...maybe Bryce Papenbrook, Josh Grelle or Ben Diskin?

    By the way, did you manage to see who I ended up picking for the voice compare I was picked for?
  4. nickscheetz
    Doing okay so far
  5. MasterBlaster
    Sorry for the late reply, but thanks a bunch!
  6. EPA Deane
    EPA Deane
    It surprises me that Cristina Vee hasn't had a Major Persona or Final Fantasy role yet.....
  7. SNaG
    It's rad but it seems to be at the expense of being able to have all Pokemon in the game, which I'm not a fan of.
  8. SNaG
    Yeah, he looks rad.
  9. MasterBlaster
    Sorry for the silence on my end for a bit! I just realized I never replied back to you. My bad!

    I'd say I am! While I've never beaten any of the Persona games, I have played a good chunk of them, such as P3 FES, P3 Portable, P4 Golden and P4 Arena.

    I've also watched both anime adaptations of Persona 4, and watched a playthrough of vanilla P4 over a decade ago, which made me particularly interested.

    Never played Persona 5 yet, though--I've had too many RPGs on my plate to deal with, heh-heh. XD

    ...Though, with the announcement of Persona 5 Royal, I likely dodged a bullet in spending more money in general on both the vanilla release and the update, heh-heh.

    (Also, sweet new icon, man! )
  10. SonicWarrior234
    That's true. Though with ESK I was thinking of a voice that would match closer to the Japanese VA. I was thinking of how much his Speed O' Sound Sonic voice reminded me of him.

    Umhm. That's what I was thinking.

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