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  1. SupremeTarantulas
    1 Hour Ago
    The version of GA blamed Bruce Wayne for supplying drugs to kids but Bruce was framed by Count Vertigo.

    It''s where I got the idea, as well as the fact GA's impulsive.
  2. SupremeTarantulas
    1 Hour Ago
    Actually all the Arkham patients are in on the fun, a big conspiracy against Batman.

    And by Scarecrow he's "cured" and making Gotham safer.

    But thanks to the Bat-Crusaders the criminals who escaped fled Gotham and corrupted all major cities they could and Gree Arrow and Black Canary are cleaning that up and blame Batman for taking his death.

    While Ollie does at least.
  3. SupremeTarantulas
    2 Hours Ago
    Tom's Clarlk was pretty impulsive as a teenager, but never lost his temper and tried to kill from what I remember.

    He lectured the Legion Of Superheroes about killing Chloe when she was Brainiac(which is why I want to share that episode soon as I can)

    And regarding magic against Superman, it is just spells since Shazam should have killed him cause he's magic.

    I just recently realized why Hugo Strange is Professor Hugo Strange and not Doctor Hugo Strange.

    If it was Doctor Hugo Strange and you removed Hugo, know what you'd be left with...
  4. SupremeTarantulas
    2 Hours Ago
    Yeah Hugo and Strange and Scarecriow run Arkham in the RP.

    They abduct criminals and hopeless people off the street and experiment on them, since "Gotham won't miss or notice that".

    If the Arkham staff get suspicious of them they're drugged to act insane and tossed in cells.

    Or brainwashed with Mad Hatter's tech if they're useful.
  5. SupremeTarantulas
    2 Hours Ago
    Yep, but he's still becoming Superman and hasn't adapted his "boy scout" routine yet, or at least perfected it.

    If you're curious Jonathan and Martha intervene just in time

    Speaking of that in Young Justice I'd have loved to see Jonathan lecture Clark for treating Connor like a "freak".
  6. SupremeTarantulas
    2 Hours Ago
    Yeah just remembered him after the idea so rereading his story arc to get more ideas.

    He's a convenient character for the plot. A nice substitute for Azrael too.

    Good luck curing cause he falls under the care of Hugo Strange and Scarecrow after the arc.

    I'm claiming him and you Gordon as Batman till I write him out which I'll delay if you want to use him more. cause Gordon's still mine but you can have him for a bit till I set up Goblin's plans(whatever they are).

    The RP version is cop Gordon suspends from duty because he wants to use guns dressed as Batman which Gordon won't allow out of respect for Batman's code.
  7. GreenGoblin75
  8. SupremeTarantulas
    2 Hours Ago
    I need time to organize scripts and bios as well as plan the entire first hour of my ideal Superman flick.

    It will be at least September/late August if things stay consistent now.

    Priorities are Spidey, TF Revolution and bios at the moment.

    As for Superboy in my ideal flicks, It's actually onkly the first image(the hoodie with the red S barely visible)

    The others are Superman, which kinda look like Brandon.

    As for scenes he wrestles an aligator in a lake he camps at with Lana and when Intergang omes to Smallville starts to strangle Bruno "Ugly" Manheim) and vaporize his skull with his heat vision over something.
  9. SupremeTarantulas
    2 Hours Ago
    Forgot to mention more good news in my ideal flick. Krypton's destruction is only 5 minutes long and I devote the majority of the beginning of the flick, which takes up almost an hour then it's Metropolis.

    So plenty of Superboy

    And what's better than that plenty of Lana

    Aside from the third Chris Reeve flick she's barely in them

    As for Superboy's design it's basically this

    And more on Batman's death in the DC RP, here's his successor, the guy who rallies Gotham's citizens against Batman's rogues and uses non-conventional Batman methods, like guns
  10. GreenGoblin75

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