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  1. CRE040295
    Hey, IMB! Are you still there yet?

    Continued on part three.

    Little Wizard Tao (꼬마신선 타오)

    Tao/Narrator: Anna Paik (credited as Anna P.)
    Mumu: Lisa (full name unknown)
    Sheldon: Anna Desmarais (credited as Anna D.)
    Jasmine: Anna Paik (credited as Anna P.)
    Pingus Peng: Jane (full name unknown)
    Pongus Peng: Amanda (full name unknown)
    Kiki: Nancy Kim (credited as Nancy)
    Dodo: Nancy Kim (credited as Nancy)
    Polley: Lisa (full name unknown)
    Grandma Owl: Anna Desmarais (credited as Anna D.)
    Professor Lau: Richard (full name unknown)
    Professor Son Son: Josh (full name unknown)
    Grandpa Chen: Josh (full name unknown)
    Professor Griffey: Richard (full name unknown)
    Professor Bao: Josh (full name unknown)
    Dung Dung: Richard (full name unknown)

    Yes I do remember the show KidMango in the early-2010s before the website was close down due to PorchLight Entertainment's financial problems, low internet viewership or reasons unknown?
  2. CRE040295
    Continued on part two.

    Pororo's English Show (뽀로로의 잉글리시쇼)

    영어 목소리 출연
    뽀로로 — Dami Lee
    크롱 — 이미자
    에디 — Erica Lee
    포비 — John Choi
    패티/로디 — Samantha Kimberly Daniel
    통통이 — John Lee
    루피 — Caelyn Shin
    해리 — Jenny Hyobin Cho

    English Voice Actors
    Pororo — Monique Dami Lee (credited as Dami Lee)
    Crong — Mi-Ja Lee (credited as Lee, Mi-Ja)
    Eddy — Erica Lee
    Poby — John Choi
    Petty/Rody — Samantha Kimberly Daniel
    Tongtong — John Lee
    Loopy — Caelyn Shin
    Harry — Jenny Hyobin Cho

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRKs6A2BARU

    Duda & Dada (두다다쿵)

    Singer: Bommie Han

    Duda — Nancy Kim
    Scot & Pelly & Treeto — Mike Yantzi
    Dada — Bommie Han
    Caber — Anna Desmarais
    Bubble — Anna Paik
    Piggy — Samantha Kimberly Daniel (credited as Samantha Daniel)
    Puggy — Monique Dami Lee (credited as Dami Lee)

    English Translation: Ani100
    English Directing & Casting: Ani100
    Technical Director: Namsoo Kang

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcekZj7wY8Q
  3. CRE040295
    Thanks for the info, IMB! But who's Mina, Valerie, TJ and MJ? Also, I list the English cast and crew for some South Korean animated series dubbed into English. Here's the list.

    Oops! I-Kooo (우당탕탕 아이쿠)

    Voice Actors
    Ikooo: John Choi (Also, they spelled the character name without the hyphen for some odd reason.)
    Remi: Caelyn Shin
    B.B: Monique Dami Lee (credited as Dami Lee)
    Karmang: John Lee

    Source: ToMoKiDS TV

    Hello Cocomong (헬로코코몽)

    성우: Anna Paik, Bommie Han, Michael Yancey, Colette N. (credited as Colette.N), 이루라

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1NBpThI-NU

    Pororo the Little Penguin S5 (뽀롱뽀롱 뽀로로)

    Voice Actor
    Pororo Monique Dami Lee
    Crong Lee, Mi-Ja
    Eddy Kristen Myung Hee Cho
    Poby & Narrator John Choi
    Petty & Rody Samantha K. Daniel (credited as Samantha K.Daniel)
    Tongtong John Lee
    Loopy & Tu-tu Caelyn Shin
    Harry Jenny Hyobin Cho

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwikWfaY0Bw

    End of part one.
  4. CRE040295
    Hey, IMB! Did you have any infomation on Ani100 (Korean: 애니백) which is a South Korean recording studio that translated and dubbed many Korean animated series and films into English. Its owner was Anna Paik (Korean: 애나 백; hence the punny name). Here's more information about the dubbing company.
  5. CRE040295
    Are you going to reply my message please!
  6. Norozco18
    Yeah, me neither. :/

    Well, to be honest, I know that Bill Rogers & Carrie Savage were in it, so those VAs, I know very well, but as for the rest, they're very new to me, ya know.
  7. Norozco18
    P.S. I've also taken the opportunity to get a few credits from 2 Asian shows, the 1st show is from BattleClaw, the other show is from RobotTrain, so I just hope that these credits get used, ya know.
  8. Norozco18
    Yeah, I was surprised about that as well, a part from the fact that they're also supporting another cartoon series, made in asia, called Battleclaw, & that show got a North American dub, including the other show that Saban entertainment had acquired & streamed it onto Netflix, Called Kibaoh Klashers, ya know. :/
  9. Norozco18
    Yeah, I know what you mean, cause they try to make it good, but their attempt was just not good enough. But hey, at least we can use these shows to make dream cast for what they might be, ya know. Plus, I've been watching that other show that's been aired in Canada, Turning Mecard, & the voice acting is just the same as you describe it, but that's as a possible explanation as I can get, ya know. :/
  10. Norozco18
    Hey IMB, I saw your post on recordings in Asia back in August, & speaking of which, there's a few YouTube channels & a few dubbed shows that I've came across awhile back, & get this, it also does English dub recordings in the South east of Asia, so here's list the list of what this channels are called:

    * Lookus English

    * AniKingTV

    * Robotex English Dub

    * Dragon Lancer English Dub

    Hope it helps with your disscussion bro!

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