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  1. SNaG
    1 Day Ago
    Lol, I switched Duel Links to Japanese as soon as I downloaded it. I fell off the wagon at Zexal but I was kinda interested in starting it again at some point.
  2. SNaG
    2 Days Ago
    She's probably not sleepwalking, like her father. Though tbh I don't find her dubs much better yet to warrant switching from the sub. Like there are often strong choices but there's usually something (a lead I don't agree with or subpar direction) that dissuade me from Buchholz dubs, lol.
  3. SNaG
    4 Days Ago
    Oh yeah, the JP cast for original KH characters are stacked. I just play in English cause.... well it's weird for me to hear Disney characters in Japanese. Yeah, there's the range of Yamadera in it, but I dunno, the dissonance is too strong for me. If only Square Enix didn't keep giving things to Bob Buchholz. He's a much better actor than he is director. I've been playing Samurai Warriors 3 recently and he's really good and sinister.
  4. SNaG
    4 Days Ago
    Birth by Sleep is ridiculously inconsistent in English. 2/3 of the leads suck. We missed out on that front. I'm still constantly surprised at how good a voice actor Jesse McCartney, of all people, ended up being. His Ventus wasn't as good as his Roxas but it was pretty good. Obviously Leonard Nimoy is the highlight of BbS's VO, but yeah.

    Have you played 3? Willa is... sliiiiiiiiiiiiiightly better, though she's kinda whispery for some reason. Jason Dohring's Terra now sounds like Bale Batman. I guess it's an improvement???
  5. SNaG
    1 Week Ago
    Also a lot of your predictions for the direction of the story are good, so keep guessing.
  6. SNaG
    1 Week Ago
    First off when I saw "New Notifications: 7" I was wondering if Metabad decided to go apeshit on me, lol. You'll definitely get to know everyone well a la Higurashi so don't worry about their focus. You haven't even met everyone yet... and Umineko introduces a LOT more important characters than higurashi does.

    I actually thought of Laura Post the other day. The downside was it was during one of those troll casts I make, but I do admit she's probably the best option for Beato I can think of, though it's still hard to dethrone Sayaka Ohara.

    Hmmm probably Seki.

    Good for Irie, I'm glad. That's the only way.

    Fighitng Spirit is a DUMB name. It's so generic.
  7. SNaG
    1 Week Ago
    A long adaptation would be nice for people like us but I don't know if it would really draw people in. LotGH style adaptation would work perfectly even though it would be long as f*ck.
  8. SNaG
    1 Week Ago
    Interesting about Sato. I also very much like his Kenshin, though I'm not familiar with his VO work.

    I just hope the pacing is better. I also dream of a better Umineko adaptation...
  9. SNaG
    2 Weeks Ago
    I would like to see Tokushige's live action work. I honestly think, uh, he's the weakest of the Yakuza cast. He has some good moments (I quite liked his work in Yakuza 4) but a lot of the time I feel he's too downplayed. I know Yakuza isn't always super high octane, but there are times where he feels low energy.

    Re:Higurashi, maybe as OVAs, I wonder if they'd be able to improve the pacing from the Deen anime. Is it still gonna be two-cour?
  10. SNaG
    2 Weeks Ago
    I should see his work, I only know of him from Yakuza even though I know he's a screen actor.

    Mike McFarland is our only hope. Unfortunately I doubt it.... I was probably gonna watch the sub anyway honestly.

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