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  1. Polyester Funk
    Polyester Funk
    Nice to see Gohan and Piccolo doing something and being cool again. Piccolo trounced that guy, it was a nice return to form for him. I miss the old days when he'd show up a clobber somebody, instead of being left in the dust by the Saiyans.

    I like Universe 2, and Ribrianne's speech to 17 calling him a villain and whatnot shows how it's a counterpart to 11 as its similar to how Top speaks of Goku.

    Gohan never really liked fighting like his father does, he did it because he had to. And when he gets angry, watch out. Good to see him channeling his anger and having more skills to back it up than just raw power.
  2. GreenGoblin75
    I’m watching Rebels right now, trying to avoid spoilers but it looks like these are all from Season 1.

    Yeah music was good and I rnjoyed Tarkin’s appearances.
  3. Polyester Funk
    Polyester Funk
    Yep, the intro song. The visuals really help too.

    Last night's episode was a fun one. U2 seemed kinda cool. You've got the main three Sailor Moon-esque characters and other guys who resemble General Rilldo and Dr. Gero/Dr. Myuu.

    Made me chuckle, the way Top came running and jumping out of nowhere to scold 17 for not letting the U2 fighters complete their transformation ritual. And then he just hastily runs away.

    The only thing that was kinda off was the stock footage animation for Jerez/Heles. Kept showing her in the same pose and make the same movements. Did the budget run out or something?
  4. Polyester Funk
    Polyester Funk
    I think the Trio are technically all wolves, but from the Wiki they all resemble a different canid species: gray wolf(Bergamo), maned wolf(Basil) and coyote(Lavender).

    If there was a third canid guy from Universe 4, then yeah, I guess he'd resemble a coyote.

    Top got to be pretty funny in the latest episode, being nice to the U2 fighters. It was a nice change of pace.

    I was hoping to see more of Kahseral. He got screen time before the tourney, but then he's out right away.

    Don't know about you, but I really like the Limit Break x Survivor song. It's a nice pump you up tune for the tournament.
  5. Polyester Funk
    Polyester Funk
    The Trio of Danger were pretty cool. I'd have liked to have seen more from the other members of their team.

    Roh seemed even more crazy than Sidra.

    I wanted to see more of Majora and Shosa, the fox and wolf guys from U4. Since they are counterparts to the Trio. There should have been a third guy.

    The Pride Troopers were fun, too bad most of them were eliminated all at once.
  6. Polyester Funk
    Polyester Funk
    Even though she was only on for a little bit, I liked Grace's Cicada more than Orlin's. He had a good backstory, but in regular time he's pretty boring. I wonder if she really has more powers than he does, or she simply trained. He's only had powers for a little while and doesn't really do anything other than punch/stab/slash once the dagger takes away abilities. If she's been training for some time how to fight and know how to use her powers then that could explain why she was so tough.

    Acid Master's real name is Philip Master?
  7. Polyester Funk
    Polyester Funk
    Not that I'm not gonna miss it, more so I'll miss what it was when it started and got really good and what it could be before the writers just did stupid and annoying things.

    Still a bit hard to believe that the CW stuff is where it is now given how grounded and realistic Arrow was at the beginning. It introduced metas, time travel, alternate universes, magic, aliens and probably other stuff that didn't seem possible to happen at the time.
  8. Polyester Funk
    Polyester Funk
    Oh, yeah Cisco putting on all of those different personas for his dates was good. You know you gotta be yourself.

    King Shark vs Gorilla Grodd was pretty cool. Grodd waited almost a year to enact his plan to escape. Really shows how far his intellect has grown since the beginning. Shark was one of Zoom's minions from Earth 2 way back in season two, and been a recurring foe since.

    It's for the best that Arrow is gonna end. It's run its course, and we don't need more shocking developments just for the sake of it to keep it going.
  9. Polyester Funk
    Polyester Funk
    Something that I hadn't paid attention to before is the fact that the mercenaries are described as Skeletor's "finest warriors", yet they couldn't capture a teenage girl in a gymnasium. To be fair I don't think that they've ever been in a gym before and that wasn't their home turf, but it is still kinda funny.
  10. Polyester Funk
    Polyester Funk
    I did think it was kinda cool that Grace didn't turn out to be some sweet, innocent little girl, but instead she grows up to become the new Cicada, which is why everyone in the future thinks he's immortal. Re-emerging after years is the point of the Cicada name.

    Barry and Ralph got to be badass gun-toting guys, shootin' up some baddies to Rob Zombie's Dragula. Must have been fun for Grant and Hartley to do something different.

    Sherloque was married to five different versions of the same woman?! He really has a type.

    The guy who played Goldface was Thanos at the end of the first Avengers movie.

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