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  1. millicent
    Hey Uriel, thanks for reaching out. By the way, sorry for letting the Ultimate Teacher clips slip by. I din't realize when I said that that it actually already had clips on here. Thnk I might try looking at that in deeper detail in a thread on Whose Voice is This? Anyway, as far as clips, I make them in Audacity. Personally I just record the playback on my computer. How you'd set that up on your copy of Audacity I'm not sure. Depends on your audio setup. Depending on it, this may or not be an option. I'm not the best when it comes to these kinds of tech specs. I know that for me, when I had my audio going out through SPDIF this was not an option. Anyway, I just record whatever my computer is playing back at that moment, so you have to make sure no other audio is going to play from other software. From there, I just edit it right in Audacity. Thanks for your interest!
  2. NCZ
    Again, entirely my own personal two cents speaking from my own experience. I have to play bad cop a little in saying this which I'm personally ehhhh about having to do, but if you want to make such a large quantity of requests then getting feedback is an important part of that. There needs to be a base understanding of what makes those requests work and I don't think that's fully here. I just think you're getting ahead of yourself and it risks stepping on the toes of other people who may be just as interested.

    tl;dr Don't focus too much on making long long lists. It's unnecessary and overzealous work. Know your limit, play within it.
  3. NCZ
    Note this is entirely my own two cents. I appreciate the enthusiasm, but I think you should slow down first. You have been pumping out a lot of requests in the past two weeks, like legitimately a lot. But very few of those requests have actually been filled yet. While some of that is time, quality is also an issue as well. By making more requests than we can keep up with, you're missing out on essential feedback that would improve their quality. Instead of pumping out dozens of requests that are maybe a 5 or 6 of 10, you should focus on making one really passionate request, let that stew, and then move on afterwards. I get the distinct impression you're looking at other requests from around the forums and thinking "I can do that too!", which is admirable, but it's a high bar to reach and I don't think your requests are quite there yet.
  4. NCZ
    Hi, I had your message passed on to me. I'm going to offer my own personal advice/thoughts on the matter.
  5. Jackson_H
    I wasn't planning to work on any of those anime titles you listed in the near future so go ahead with those requests. As long as the pics are good quality, one of the mods will probably be more than happy to complete your requests.
  6. Kioea
    I haven't worked on a lot of anime, but I'd say that those would be under TV shows. As for the second, you're better off asking one of the admins for that, as they're the ones who actually decide that kind of thing. Best ask a few of them, actually - different opinions can be very useful - but be sure to include Jackson H. He's the big anime guy on the team.
  7. TylerMirage
    Hey Marty, those sound like interesting topics and ones that users might find helpful with the right descriptions and instructions. Feel free to post what you want in the 'General Chat' or 'General VA' Discussion forums.

    As long as your images are within the correct cropping dimensions and size restrictions, don't worry, they'll never be "too good".

    As for the Idea Input forum, it was removed because we're doing some streamlining in the forums for 2020.
  8. TylerMirage
    Hey Marty,

    What kind of guidelines are you thinking? Fire 'em my way and we can hash them out together.
  9. Kioea
    I'd say try this one with a bit of tact. Give them a few days, and if they don't respond, send a friendly reminder. If there's still no response, you can try a visitor message, but also consider trying someone else. Just bear in mind there might be reasons they might not be able to answer you right away - especially at this time of year.

    It's also important to not keep hitting someone with messages, or presuming a lot about their work or schedule in the text. I say this because I recall someone who did that to me before I was a Mod, and it did not endear them to me at all. So best to be patient, and keep a close eye on what you're saying to them.
  10. Kioea
    I don't really do the programming side of things, but I can give you some tips regarding file sizes (something I had to learn the hard way). Ideally, your images should be 210x240 and less than 20KB (officially states 19.4, but 20 is better as a guide). This means we don't have to resize them at all and keeps the integrity of the original image. If the image is over 20KB to begin with, reduce the quality just enough so that it fits the allotted size. This is all for character images, though - there is no size restriction for posters, banners, logos, or credit images (just that you stick to the stated dimensions for each). As long as you stick to that, it means we can just download and input them straight without any adjustments.

    Is that the kind of info you were looking for?

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