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  1. Autovolt
    Do yourself a favour and watch Blood Blockade Battlefront, now this is a solid series if you want to hear Aaron all grown up.

    Or High School DXD, because Aaron voices one of the creepiest anime villains I've ever seen.
  2. Starscreamsfan
    Yeah, he was excellent in Mask of the Phantasm. And yeah, his voice may have sounded a little bit dry, but honestly, I was more focused on his performance, which was always great.

    And yeah, he did quite good in the BTAS DTVs.
  3. Starscreamsfan
    If you want my honest opinion, I still feel he sounds off there. His acting is not as great as it was before IMO.

    So yeah, I really liked him in the 92 cartoon, but now, he lacks the energy he had back then and I really feel that they should cast someone new.

    So yeah, sorry about this, but I honestly feel Kevin has been pretty disappointing after the original cartoon IMO.
  4. huzaifa_ahmed
    Well, they've never done that on One Piece, & some of Toei's castings on 4Kids' dub are even better than FUNi's own choices (for the non-Straw Hats). It's mostly a matter of ownership/nepotism/proprietary attitude.

    I mean, I probably come off too preachy, but the thing is if people had been at all aware of what was going on back then, there would be absolute riots over these things - & I tend to try to talk those down. I appreciated the live-action GitS, as an example. I think it's sad that reviews bring its sales down due to race discussions.
  5. Autovolt
    The dub is a bit dated but Kirby, Brian Drummond and Paul Dobson are all fantastic in it.

    If it makes you feel better, Kirby did at least get along with Aaron Dismuke a few months ago, so he's fine with the actor that replace him.

  6. Autovolt
    If it's Escaflowne I saw it already.

    Can't say I don't disagree with him being pissed. If you're not aware Escaflowne is actually Kirby's favourite show he's worked on.

    That and he was great as Van despite the occasional iffy direction and scripting. He pulls off hot blooded well as Van.
  7. huzaifa_ahmed
    Ah, he does a few times in Kai, & it's pretty satisfying! Albeit later the issue tends to be that they later change it for seemingly no reason? & Piccolo says SBC on the TV edited dub - & again, not for any significant reason. In Resurrection "F", they do that as well.

    On another note, I'm not sure I like "Kuririn" either, although it preserves the word better than "Krillin", which is clearly a misunderstanding/lack of info from Toei. "Kuri" is chestnut (aka: he's bald), & "rin" is from Shorin - Shaolin monk. In Japanese, there's no "L", but in English, it really should be "Kurilin" to preserve both syntax & intention. If that makes sense?
  8. 1dbad
    Yup! I won't rule out skipping straight to Kai, but I figured I should at least try Dragon Ball before writing it off, haha.

    But I'm glad to hear that about the FUNi version. I'll probably go with it.

    Finished watching both of the videos you linked me to! I liked the FUNi dub best, especially the Kai one. But I did like some of the Ocean voices too.
  9. SupremeTarantulas
    What are your plans for Werewolf By Night? Looking for a supernatural version of the Howling Commandos like USM did if that's ok.

    And if you're interested Captain Cold is open on the DC RP.
  10. 1dbad
    I caught a couple of DBZ episodes as a kid. But one of the episodes I caught was one where Cell was adsorbing a character. It horrified kid! me so much I never tried to watch another episode. XD

    A friend had told me to watch Kai dubbed instead of Z, so I was already planning on that. Not sure which version I'll watch of the earlier stuff though. Is there a particular dub you would recommend?

    And I appreciate the clips, by the way. They'll come in handy in helping me decide.

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