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  1. SupremeTarantulas
    I saw him, went back to get him, he was gone, and hasn't been reshipped since.

    Scorn and Stryfe shared them last week but went with Jetfire, and X-men toys(Blob and Omega Red).

    And I did get Jetfire st Walgreen's btw. First time I got a Walgreens exclusive.



    Digging the Slug TLK toy, nice G1 look.


    BTW did you see TLK or not?
  2. Starscreamsfan

    Nope, I just picked Bill Conrad because he was just too epic to ignore. I like Clayton's yell, but I really wanted to use Bill's yell.

    Yeah, that was John Hart. He also played other heroic characters before the Ranger, and he reprised the role in an episode of Happy Days.

    Here's the next character:

  3. SupremeTarantulas
    For whatever reason I can't locate Krok because the stores by me ate just selling Wave 1 and 2. Might get him for Christmas.

    Got two new Dinobots though.
  4. Starscreamsfan
    Yup, he's really cool. And I love Jimmy Weldon's accent, which fits, since Grundy was raised from the swamp.

    Yup, he's more powerful, and yet, he doesn't know.

    Yeah, I've seen pictures of Powell's Grundy. Looks really awesome.

    Now we're getting into non-canons that I wanted to use. Here's the first non-canon character:

  5. Starscreamsfan
    LOL, yeah. 1940's CC!!!

    That's something I made up, 'cause I really wanted him to survive that blast at the end of the serial.

    Next character:

  6. SupremeTarantulas
    Rip never met the government agent right? I'm guessing if he had he'd be pissed about him killing young Ray since Vandal Savage killed his son who was about the same age as young Ray.

    My guess right now is of Ray puts a sample of Stein's DNA in Jax and vice versa would it count as being merged?

    Another one for less likely is Ronnie gets resurrected somehow and is apart of this. Most likely they'll make someone up or combine two characters again. Jax is pretty obscure in the comics, he's close friends with Ronnie but that's it, but they combined him with the African American Firestorm.

    Goods news though is once my X-men scripts start I'm using Martin Stein as Professor X.

    Gotham thoughts?
  7. SupremeTarantulas
    Ah I was confused cause it seemed a Dominator ate young Ray on the day he was killed, unless they implied that on purpose.

    But not one member loses their temper over the government cooling a child? Were they bad guys in the crossover? I forgot.

    No more Victor? That explains his absence from Comic Con. A pity cause without him and Dominic Purcell their panel was missing something, and not the charm of the one for Flash, other than a few friendly jokes here and there and hearing some actors speak in their natural accents.

    Elongated Man also was right on the mayor bringing that on himself. I meant was the mayor arrested when Barry caught him, cause it'd be all over the news.

    They did show Nate holding the original Dracula novel, but don't see him time traveling and the DC version is pretty much a Batman villain.
  8. Starscreamsfan
    LOL, yup.

    Yeah, he was tons of fun. And Victor Buono's performance was pretty awesome.

    Yeah, I think it's basically a coincidence.

    Next bio:

  9. SupremeTarantulas
    And I wonder if anything will come from that case that got Elongated Man fired?

    Did they catch the mayor? I missed that.

    Oh bad glad Legends added that character from last week. I forgot her name but she's a better match for Ray than Kendra.
  10. SupremeTarantulas
    I wish they switched this week's Flash with last week's and tweaked the latter to a Halloween episode.

    Maybe give us someone who needs a live action debut like Klarion The Witch Boy, Gentleman Ghost, or Morgan La Fey, most likely to former two.

    Elongated Man was more like Plastic Man personality backstory wise. I wonder if he'll appear cause of that Easter Egg at the end.

    And Legends lost me, who or what killed young Ray? The time bureau or the Dominators? Plus them traveling back a day before had nothing to do with anything than more of a plot that made almost no sense at times.

    And now a horror episode with Dracula? Could they not decide on which script to use do they just made both?

    Any other thoughts?

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