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  1. Nightmare Crusher
    Nightmare Crusher
    I don't know what a MAL is.
  2. CelestialOuroboros
    Thanks, ahmed! :3
  3. HylianBelmont
    BTW. After rewatching the second Heroes trailer I don't think they are trying to sound closer to the JP voice direction.

    Especially since they're having Cindy Robinson do an impression of EG Daily's voice for Hinoka in Fates (Which sounded pretty different to her JP voice)
  4. Domayv
  5. CatsTuxedo
    On Hayashibara, I think DeLisle is a closer match as least in terms of human voices. MacNeille's in an older age group, so Miina Tominaga seems like a better fit.

    Wakamoto's one of those 'one-voice' guys, so Cummings and P Dobson wouldn't work. As far as image and types of characters go, Tim Curry feels like a closer equivalent.

    Seitz and Miyake are a good match-up in terms of loud, gruff and rambunctious voices. For the same type of performance in an older age group, Tatasciore and Kusumi work well.

    KMR and Gori is pretty spot-on, but as for Genda, Cummings seems like a good match; they've both done deep, tough voices as well as higher, light-hearted ones.
  6. CatsTuxedo
    I always pictured McNeil being more equivalent to Wataru Takagi; they have a similar range and they both have a generally rough, raspy quality to them. Though honestly, I have no clue why McNeil's more often compared to Ginga. Sure, they shared a role or two, but Ginga's not nearly that versatile.

    And I'm sorry, but I think Yamadera's simply in a league of his own and can't be perfectly compared to anybody in terms of sheer range and charisma. Just as an example, most VAs who've voiced Donald Duck specialize solely in that role, but Yamadera's fully capable of that voice and just about anything else you can think of. And really, how much Western VAs can pull off solo a capella instruments like this? Come to think of it, the one person that could possibly match him is Michael Winslow, but he strangely barely does full-on voice acting.
  7. NCZ
    I get frustrated sometimes but I don't dislike anyone since I have a peaceful personality in general. Now that said I do have a bad habit of getting rash sometimes, but lately I've been making an active point to cut down on that. I'm sorry if I've ever rubbed things the wrong way. Thank you for your kind words.
  8. Jackson_H
    Adding sound clips are a low priority unless it's for Voice Compare or BTVA Awards. It's fun but if everyone added clips not much else would get done. What language(s) did you want? Each title is moderated by a certain person so it would be up to the page owner if they wanted to add your clips (might have plans of their own to someday add some). If you tell me the name of the title(s) I can ask the owner (if it's not me) & get back to you (who to email the clips). In my case I'll be honest & say I won't add any of your clips to my pages; not that your clips aren't good enough; I'm just very picky when it comes to selecting dialogue and I also really care about the quality of the source (was it recorded from an HD version or just whatever you found first?) and how you recorded it. Average person probably has no idea if their clip is 128kbps, 256kbps, or 320kbps; there is a difference and IMO it should always be the highest quality since MP3 is a compressed format vs WAV or AIFF
  9. Metabad
    Thank you very much!
  10. HylianBelmont
    Well have fun then! The Plegia Arc and the "Future Past" DLC are probably my favourite parts of the story overall, and yes the JP version did have a fair amount of repeats. Although not quite as much IIRC haha.

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