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  1. SNaG
    Happy birthday!

  2. SNaG
    Honestly, the one name that generally comes to mind for me as a true English Battler is Troy Baker. I think he'd be the best at playing Battler as super cool and manly. The other name that came to mind when I played it was Grant George, Battler's definitely a much better fit for him than Keiichi (seriously, what the heck?).

    Even after playing Umineko I still have not come up with any idea of a good English Beatrice. Sayaka Ohara is really legendary in the role and I have no idea who can do the role justice otherwise.

    Honestly though, Umineko has the best VO I've ever heard in... anything. It's just so dang good. I wish the VN dub wasn't being done by.... Sound Cadence in Texas. They put out a sampler a while ago and their Battler sounds TERRIBLE.

    How are you enjoying the game so far?
  3. SNaG
    I have every volume of the Umineko manga, it's glorious. I'll probably read the Higurashi manga after I work through the whole game.

    Yeah, I restored those. The OST is amazing, as expected.

    The Steam sprites are..... really freakin weird. Thankfully it has the PS3/Switch sprites, which I vastly prefer.
  4. SNaG
    Embarrassingly I never actually played Higurashi, just saw the anime and that was a decade ago... Your request finally spurred me to start it. Thankfully I found a great mod for the Steam version that adds in all the VO. And, uh, Ryukishi07's original art... If you're into that...
  5. Marusero
    Thanks, man! After listening to clips of Kim Strauss and Keith Silverstein as Tatsuya, I thought Ray could take the best of both performances and perhaps even combine their voices while also adding his own flavor.
  6. Marusero
    Do you think Ray Chase would be a good choice for Tatsuya Suou from Persona 2?
  7. Marusero
    Thanks, and sorry for the confusion.
  8. Marusero
    What I meant to say is that I want your opinion on how well the performances I chose would suit the respective Shinto deities.
  9. Marusero
    Thanks! If Kyle were to voice Izanagi, I think something along the lines of Ryu or Frederick could work well. Also, what are your thoughts on the performances I mentioned for your favorite VAs as the Three Noble Children?
  10. Marusero
    Fair enough. You know, I was also considering the idea of Dan Green and/or Kyle Hebert as Izanagi, who is the father of Amaterasu, Susanoo, and Tsukuyomi.

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