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  1. HylianBelmont
    They do actually! Which is pretty cool. IIRC Jesse's beasts were even called "Gem" in the JP version? But yeah, Gem-Knight Topaz is probably my favourite haha.

    BTW the Zane/Aster theme is probably my favourite of the ones I've heard in Duel Links so far. Though I don't think it fits Chazz that much however?

    I'm looking forward to that episode then. Wakaba is honestly my favourite side character in Utena really.
  2. HylianBelmont
    I've been playing a Gem Knight deck with Joey recently (nice that Julia and Axel's cards are in the same pack I suppose, haha. Though I seem to be missing Gem Fusion and one of the other fusion monsters. Either way it's a cool deck theme IMO!

    It's really interesting so far, the way it goes into the insecurities of people who are connected with the student council and so on. The one with Juri's friend was the best so far IMO, though I think they re-casted her? She was played by Rachael Lillis originally I think, which would have made the duel between them pretty amusing as a result, haha. But regardless Lisa Ortiz did a great job IMO.
  3. GreenGoblin75
    Sorry for the double post, that was an accident.

    I'm really liking it so far.
  4. GreenGoblin75
    Have you seen Trigun? I've just started watching it.
  5. GreenGoblin75
    Have you seen Trigun? I've just started watching it.
  6. HylianBelmont
    Oh I have, I just want to unlock Bakura first before I do really get into it. I'll check the site out later thanks! But yeah I have to wonder. Am I being too petty about the one childish insult Roger says?

    Thank you for the kind words, I've never considered myself particularly cute though haha.

    BTW I got to episode 13 of Utena (which was the recap episode) and I am still enjoying it quite a lot. But as far as the dub's concerned, it's good when it comes to the main characters, however some of the side characters definitely sound rather off. Which makes it a tad jarring to watch sometimes, haha
  7. HylianBelmont
    I remember loving that duel a lot as well. Especially how Chumley may have "lost" but he didn't fail either.

    I want to start with GX World, but before that I wanna at least unlock Bakura first haha. I'll need some better trap cards however... just wish I knew which packs they were in (Like Negate Attack for instance)

    Also... not sure if you care. But this is what Iook like: https://twitter.com/HylianBelmont/st...63896717660160
  8. HylianBelmont
    I would imagine so, but yeah that is a bit of a shame to hear about Chumley. Admittedly I've always found "some" of his dialogue to be questionable, but I did like him a lot regardless. GX is the Yugioh series I've seen the least of in Japanese, and the more I hear, the more scared I am to find out how much was changed, haha.

    That's interesting, and I always thought the anime's version of that duel was kinda terrifying (with her losing her memories of the rest of Yugi's friends with every monster that was destroyed I believe?)

    Him sounding monstrous makes some sense considering who Yami Bakura "actually" is... but I prefer his delivery with the second voice he used. And yeah I noticed the option to change the voices as well actually! I'll have to check that out later on really.

    A tad late, but Merry Christmas to you as well!
  9. HylianBelmont
    That's true, I suppose I was thinking more of the characters in season 1 they did it with. Guys like Chumley and Crowler etc. had silly writing, but they usually didn't do that for anyone else (until season 2 came around, haha)

    Yeah, the anime also depicted Bakura's father pretty differently as well (as well as Shadi I think) so it was interesting to see them in the movie as they were. It does make me want to check it out fully at some point.

    Also... I'm not the only ones who can hear this right? https://twitter.com/HylianBelmont/st...41083235635200
  10. HylianBelmont
    Understandable. With Sylvio for example it works, and there was something about Crow's "Maybe we should keep kicking it?" line which also worked (probably because you can tell he himself sounded sarcastic saying it) but it does make a fairly well-localised script rather inconsistent at times. At least with GX it knew it wanted to be that kind of dub, if that makes sense.

    Also, Duke stealing the puzzle does sound more interesting admittedly.

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