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  1. TylerMirage
    Other than messaging him directly, that's about all I can suggest.
  2. TylerMirage
    No worries. Never be afraid to reach out if you have questions.
  3. TylerMirage
    Hey MomSandy, long time no talk!

    I'm not actually in charge of the Spongebob page, so the ranking of characters is up to the mod/admin in charge of it, based on where they happen to be in the series (ie, they may not be fully caught up, so the character ordering is based on what they've seen so far) and how they perceive the characters' importance in the context of main/recurring/guest.
  4. wembley
    Hey MomSandy,

    I have no idea if you're still around, but I recently made a TV request for "Oobi" that was merged into your request from 2015. Your request has some errors (for example, Pam Arciero didn't play Mrs. Johnson) and a lot of missing characters. My new request doesn't include any of these issues. If you could, would you mind making another post on the thread to clarify that my recent post is correct?
  5. NCZ
    I don't mind. Go on ahead!
  6. NCZ
    If you have any sound clips you'd like to send, I think just sending them in a PM to an admin would be good enough, actually!
  7. TylerMirage
    There's really no right answer. It really has no major affect on anything of value (in terms of character placement, image, voting, etc.), so the default course of action is to simply leave it as is.
  8. NCZ
    You got ahold of the right person. Blue's Clues is my page. One of my favourites growing up.

    As for the ordering of the characters, that's a strange one. When I initially made the page, I had everyone down as "main" except for people like Green Puppy or Periwinkle (I had Blue, Shovel/Pail, Sidetable Drawer, Slippery Soap, Salt/Pepper/Paprika, Mailbox, Tickety Tock, etc.) It looks like someone else changed the ordering in the interim though. Naturally it's been a long time since I watched the show regularly and I doubt I saw every episode, but since people like Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper or Sidetable Drawer appear regularly in the vast majority of episodes I agree that putting them as main makes the most sense.
  9. TylerMirage
    No need to be nervous. First requests are almost always "shaky". Heck, you should've seen some of my earlier requests back in the day. I look back at them now and they're terrible!

    Everything looks pretty good (I'm at work right now, so I can't investigate super thoroughly). I'll try to take a better look at it this weekend.

    Not a burden at all. Don't you worry.
  10. TylerMirage
    Hey there, MomSandy,

    I'm not sure who is currently in control of the page, but as I explained before, they were probably classified as such for a particular reason at the time. Maybe. Or maybe the person was just crazy?

    Just glancing at IMDB, it looks like the show has 142 episodes. Blue is in it for all 142, obviously. Magenta/Periwinkle are in it for 30-40 ish and Paprika ~59/142 episodes. Personally, I'd rank those three all as recurring, but then again, I don't have the specific numbers with regards to the breakdown of those characters per season and such.

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