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  1. Nightmare Crusher
    Nightmare Crusher
    I tell you what, Youtube is a wild place. An old video I made taking a shot at Egoraptor blew up about a week ago and the torrent of comments has been hilarious, shocking and annoying all at the same time. Guess I should have expected it, but ****. I don't take this stuff personally though, I think most of it is funny. It's just staggering the **** people try to give me.

    The hive mind mentality kind of freaks me out though. People parroting the same "argument" in almost the exact same way over and over again. I've had to start deleting a lot of them because there actually are some interesting comments I don't want to get buried. I kind of feel tempted to pin another response comment like an old one I did, but that might be poring gasoline on the fire.
  2. TylerMirage
    I think they were very talented VAs with a lot of range who, unfortunately, left us too soon.

    I'm not too familiar with Burson's personal life.

    My main wish for both (besides still being around) is that they received more non-Looney Tunes work.
  3. Kitsunes96
    Hello, can you add Digimon Adventure tri. under Anime?
  4. Nightmare Crusher
    Nightmare Crusher
    I only have a passing familiarity with that show. I've never actually sat down to watch any of it.
  5. Nightmare Crusher
    Nightmare Crusher
    I think there's a fairly good chance he would have been better.
  6. Nightmare Crusher
    Nightmare Crusher
    I do not accept audience feedback.
  7. Nightmare Crusher
    Nightmare Crusher
    I never really thought about his age to be honest. If the ages I've seen for David Gasman and Jodi Forrest are also correct (1960 and 1956 respectively) they line up fairly well so I'm not surprised.
  8. Nightmare Crusher
    Nightmare Crusher
    Gowasu I can never quite get behind. Sometimes he's good, other times he's really mumbly. I guess if nothing else it stands out.

    My thoughts on Whis Dad are pretty much the same as yours. Cool that Josh Grelle gets a mainline Dragon Ball role too. I don't get the minister deal either. It's not like you can scrub out any religious references at this point.

    I thought Zeno sounded absolutely perfect in his first appearance. The most recent episode was maybe not quite as good, but I don't think there was a huge shift in quality.
  9. Nightmare Crusher
    Nightmare Crusher
    I was really glad to hear Black's voice when he first showed up in the dub. He's played a little more hard edged than I would like maybe, but it was such a huge improvement on either of his Xenoverse voices. I too fear Black's transformation. The faux-British villain thing is so painfully cliched that I can't take it seriously. It also doesn't make any **** sense. Zamasu does not have that accent and even if he did the idea that Black is becoming more like Zamasu is nonsense. If anything Black becomes more like Goku since he starts copying his stance and begins using his own Super Saiyan variant. It's backwards this whole thing.

    "David Gray" has really overcome the shakiness of his "alleged" Xenoverse performance. I thought he had great potential from the start and now we're really getting to hear that in action. I'm really curious to hear how he'll handle Zamasu once he starts flying off the rails.
  10. FanGuy67
    Ahh. Don't you ever think that this website needs more moderators and administrators? I say that because I thought that would get all these requests done a lot quicker. I do understand that our current moderators and administrators are busy with life.

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