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  1. Polyester Funk
    Polyester Funk
    Is the Speed Force storm what gave Kilgore and the others their powers? My initial thought was that it was the Thinker, but the way it was handled more implied that he knew about the other metahumans, not that he created them. If he's responsible for their creation why would he need to gather them all in one place?

    We've so far only seen the storm affect Central City, but it could have affected other areas, it's affects could have been so negligible that no one noticed anything.

    Mick is afraid of clowns.

    Sara and Agent Sharp are totally gonna have a fling.

    Something is making Amaya's powers go out of control.
  2. Starscreamsfan
    Okay, cool.
  3. Starscreamsfan
    LOL, that's true. Evil Raph and Evil Mikey.

    And boy, without the other two, the Turtles show would be half as long as Mikey said in one of the Titanus episodes.

    Hooboi. They really seem to fit quite a bit of characters.

    Ah, I see. That's pretty cool.
  4. Starscreamsfan
    Yeah, I loved how Rob pulled off a Mikey. That was one of his better performed moments.

    Heh, yeah, I saw that you gave Wentworth Hydro Man. I think he could work pretty well.

    Ah, cool.

    I have Hellbat, but I killed him off at Marvel along with the other Breastforce members (if you read my Leozack bio, you'll see that the Breastforce were sucked into a black hole):

  5. Starscreamsfan
    Also, Dyna replied to your Genie bio. He says that so far, it looks good.

    You just gotta fix the things I mentioned and you'll be ready to go.
  6. Starscreamsfan
    Now to 90's Spidey.

    This was Hydro Man's debut. Honestly, I must say that Rob Paulsen's delivery did tend to get a bit wonky at times, especially when he raised his voice, but he does sell Morrie's stalking nature.

    Speaking of which, I really liked Sara's MJ in here. She really nails MJ's fright and fear quite nicely.

    I also liked Marla Rubinoff's Liz in here. She has a pretty cool laidback delivery.

    So yeah, I really enjoyed this episode.
  7. Starscreamsfan
    Okay, so here's my thoughts on the Spidey episodes I checked this weekend.

    The 70's Spidey episode was called Wolfpack and it marks the suprising return of Dave, although this time, he's played by a different actor. This new actor (Gavan O'Herlihy) plays Dave as more of a serious-minded yet still likeable individual, whereas the previous actor (Larry Anderson) plays Dave as more of a nerdy wiseass (which is how I depicted him in my scripts). These two Daves have one thing in common, though: they both have good chemistry with Nick Hammond's Peter.

    This episode was actually pretty intriguing and engaging, 'cause the villain actually uses a hypnotizing gas which he uses on Rita (who was being used to test Dave's new experiment), Dave and another one of Peter's classmates (Art).

    Once again, it's a good showcase of Peter's deduction skills, and I was pretty surprised to see Dave again.
  8. Starscreamsfan
    Ah, that's nice.

    Heh, Archie is a lucky guy.

    I dunno if I would pick Hook, since I'm not that into Disney stuff.

    Heh, that's cool. I already posted Grundy's bio, BTW.
  9. Starscreamsfan
    Okay, cool.

    Ah, that's pretty nice. The actor does seem like he would fit Wreck-Gar pretty well.

    Heheh, seems like Genie's been working out in terms of attitude.
  10. Starscreamsfan
    Yeah, TFs at DC wouldn't be in place.

    Hooboi, now that's a pretty cool bio. I love how Urkel brought the Genie into the Marvel Universe.

    The sample story is fun. I loved it when he started imitating Tigger.

    Though I must say that breaking the fourth wall would go in powers rather than skills (which is more for learned skills like fighting, shooting, degrees, etc.)

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