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  1. Starscreamsfan
    Yeah, I can get behind that. I just need to get used to it is all.

    Man, the screaming in both clips is quite intense, I must say.

    So in a way, Cobra Commander, Starscream and Dusty were in Dragon Ball!!!
  2. Autovolt
    That DBZ cast is awesome.
  3. Starscreamsfan
    Yeah, he has shown me some clips of the dub.

    Man, those yells must be pretty gut-wrenching. Although it's weird to hear Goku sound like a little kid (then again, I'm used to hearing Sean Schemmel).
  4. Starscreamsfan
    I agree. He would work quite well as John. And oddly enough, I put James Avery in the 80's cast, so this is another time where Dorian and James play the same character, since Dorian actually replaced James as War Machine.
  5. Starscreamsfan
    Yeah, but I do like a lot of modern performances.

    I did add a modern cast in there if you noticed.

    Michael as Jay would have been awesome.

    But yeah, I do like the old timey performances because I used to listen to my grandfather's tape recordings of old time radio shows. And even nowadays, I listen to some of the tapes I kept.

    Radio actors were always a joy to listen, my favorite one being Michael Rye.
  6. Starscreamsfan
    Oh, and BTW, I dunno if you saw this, but I did this dream cast a while back:

  7. Starscreamsfan
    Yup. Her interactions with Shipwreck in that episode and in The Germ are just priceless.

    And yeah, it was fun to see her wearing a tux, but it was part of her character, 'cause she was described as a tomboy.

    Yeah, that would be awesome.
  8. Starscreamsfan
    That's pretty awesome.

    Yeah, I've read that too. Would have been cool to have CC trying to rebuild Cobra and seeing Tomax and Xamot as the big baddies. I did like the wacky DiC cartoon, but it might have been good to see what Sunbow would have done if they had continued the show.

    Yeah, Cover Girl was actually my favorite of the Joe girls. And I don't mind her design, she looks hot anyway, but yeah, I agree that it would be nice to differentiate her from Scarlett and Lady Jaye.
  9. Starscreamsfan
    That would have been pretty awesome. It could have been neat to see a younger Optimus who doubts himself constantly.

    Yeah, Dick was awesome as Rodimus. Thanks to his performance (as well as the writing), Rodimus is my favorite Autobot leader.

    BTW, I've been involved in three RPs (one of DC, another one of Marvel and a TF) and I was wondering if you would like to check character bios I've done. Most of them are known characters, but there are a few OCs in-between.
  10. Starscreamsfan
    Yup, that's true. Same with me with the Marvel Joe and Transformers comics.

    Yeah, that's unfortunately true. I honestly wish that they made Rodimus the leader once again. I liked the character a lot due to the fact that he was a reluctant champion.

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