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  1. Marusero
    Happy birthday, dude!
  2. shawnredkid
    I already figured them out, plus I contacted someone who works with Hi-Rez about it. Also, IMDB is not highly reliable for Smite especially since they have listed actors that have not been confirmed yet so how can we tell that they voiced a role in the game... Also I so want to edit that page just to fix every little error that the person who made those edits did.
  3. Soul-dragon
    I don't have twitter.
  4. DisneyAnimefan1995
    In regards to why Peggy and presumably Cam Clarke went uncredited, I don't think it was a personal choice by the actor himself, but more than likely it was Bang Zoom!'s decision on wanting to stay true to the Japanese voice actor credits of Hunter x Hunter on it's later episodes, which would explain why Issei Futamata (Peggy's voice actor in the Japanese version) was credited as ONLY the Narrator and NOT "Narrator/Peggy"
  5. shawnredkid
    When it comes to confirmations for example the Vicious Apollo skin, who is voiced by Max Mittelman, no one is gonna find a confirmation of it like an online proof of it except the video and the IMDB page which was updated by Floofington. I asked Max at AX last year if he did, he said he did so as of right now the video by JustForPun is legit, especially with the help of someone at Hi-Rez, what more proof do they need for it. As of right now there are 47 different characters that are still unknown as to who voices them, whether we have a few guesses or have no clue as to who, but all of the others have been confirmed based on what was already released from posts on social media, JustForPun's video and from pure analysis of the audio. It's uncertain if another we will be able to complete the list before Season 5 starts, ironically the patch notes for 5.1 is this week, but I'll try to ask someone about the 47 that are missing.
  6. shawnredkid
    Sorry for the very late reply, I actually help out on that list as an editor, I recently posted it onto my Twitter. Most of the cast has been confirmed except like 2 gods (Vamana after the rework and Cerberus) and a bunch of skins. I'm working on figuring out who voices what by looking through social media as well as listening to the voice packs.
  7. MasterBlaster
    Nope, that's news to me! Pretty interesting find, Norozco!
  8. MasterBlaster
    Yeah, that's so very true. And some actors occasionally tend to sound like others, making matching them all the more trickier. XD
  9. MasterBlaster
    Gotcha, buddy! No problem!

    That's good to hear, though. Yeah...college is quite an adventure--I can say from experience. XD
  10. MasterBlaster
    Sorry I've been so quiet for so long, by the way. School's been kicking my butt.

    How are you, by the by?

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