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  1. Autovolt
    I don't think it's that ham fisted that Prime Bulkhead was in construction in Predacons Rising, in Deus Ex Machina he briefly mentions he was a construction worker before the war.

    though i suppose you are right they could just make a new show without Optimus in a new continuity, but they have the ground work already laid out, it would be sort of foolish to not take advantage of this potiential set-up they have.

    I had the same idea of flashbacks to feature Optimus, i should have mentioned that to begin with.

    oh yeah the next show must have Knockout. No iffs and or butts.
  2. Autovolt
    as for your ideas? I think it would be better if the next series was a sequel. the fact Predacons Rising ends with Optimus's death/sacrifice. It would be nice for once they follow through with how a mainline show could work without Optimus though flashbacks could sitll feature him.

    I kind of disagree about Bulkhead starting up the wreckers though. seeing him in Predacons Rising makes me think he decided to go for a nice construction job perhaps as the chief engineer who will design and build the new buildings for a new generation.

    I would do the same Bumbleebee, Ultra Magnus, Smokescreen and Ratchet. I would like to see Ratchet gain a robotic companion on Earth maybe like an ex-Decepticon who has never been seen before like say Thundercracker , or he moves to Griffin Rock. *nudge nudge wink wink.*

    oh yeah and the kids would totally grow up. Miko would totally grow up as a responsible but fun adult working for Unit-E. oh and Fowler and June totally must tie the knot.
  3. Autovolt
    I had the idea that Arcee could be part of a new main team that consists of 4 new Autobot (new as in never seen before) just so we can some little face. perhaps as the leader of the group.

    The team i'd have would probably have to have Jazz for sure, I probably would have Ironhide as well considering how much there has been a lack of Ironhide since DOTM and a wild card/token evil teammate character like Whirl.

    also Soundwave must return out of the Shadowzone.

    also I had the idea of Shockwave becoming a liason to the Predacons to the new Autobot government while Predaking could become like a vicious version of IDW Metalhawk becoming a major thorn in the Autobots sides.

    what do you think?
  4. Autovolt
    Anyways i've been thinking, how would you write the next series (if it is indeed a sequel to Prime)

    like how would or should the returning characters from Prime be written like?

    example. I think Bumblebee would try to be the idealist trying to make a government function and Ultra Magnus trying to go through therapy trying to get stronger after his thrashing by the Predacons in Predacon Rising. I assume cybertronians could need this as much as humans do?

    what do you think?
  5. Autovolt
    I've now considered Michael Beattie (Shocker from the first Spider-Man game) as Dropshot. It's a cool tough guy voice.
  6. Autovolt
    He's different from all of them because his loyalty to Megatron is out of fear. He's seen his destruction at hand, he gained his respect for that. He's not really a bad guy like Prime Breakdown mostly because he's not the kind of guy who cares about the objectives about war. But he's the kind of guy who could have a beer or whatever alcoholic beverage around.

    His alt mode would a rocket launcher much like the Universe Dropshot mold, though he would be white much like the Armada version.
  7. Autovolt
    Hey Tyler it's been a while. I've decided in my series to add Dropshot to my Decepticon roster.

    He would be the Decepticons weapons specialist and brute, though he would be a lot like BW Scorponok and Prime Breakdown in that he's expendable. he would lampshade in Season 1 that he's afraid he'll probably get killed off. my main reason for adding him is to create a dynamic with the Decepticons (mainly Starscream and Nightracer) because while Megatron is leading them he is a mastermind on the throne making sure things go according to plan, Soundwave does not speak and let's his operatives do the talking for them, Flatline you want to keep away from others.

    His voice would probably be either Richard Epcar or Jamieson Price.
  8. electronic456
    Yeah, I see those guys online more.

    I love the cast assemble for my project, there's been some nice voices for Cobra Commander, Destro and Duke.
  9. electronic456
    Oh I see......

    But the problem is that the project is created by myself. I auditioned myself into a role, but I don't know where does it say to send your audio clips.

    EDIT: I just realized I don't have a microphone to create an mp3 file , so I can't really record any lines. Shame.

    Oh yeah, are there any plans to include Windows Media Audio files as another way of submitting lines?
  10. electronic456
    Yeah,pretty much.

    The project is called "G.I.Joe: Into the State".

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