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  1. SNaG
  2. SNaG
    Huh, that's also an interesting hypothesis re:Kingdom. That always seemed like a major anomaly in Funi's catalog. Unlike other studios they didn't, and still don't, really have a history of outsourcing titles to a budget studio. The Kingdom dub is so fascinating to me since I just wonder how the hell it happened.
  3. SNaG
    Ah poo. Well, thanks though. I saved this episode just in case. Maybe it will turn up eventually. I would request this still if I could find the original Japanese audio but I can't, so... on the back burner for now. But I appreciate you showing me this.

    I didn't know Four of a Kind was yanked, I forgot about that show entirely. I guess it's "good" that I have the Gintama dub saved, since that could be yanked too without real notice.

    Interesting hypothesis. Yeah, that would make sense, especially with the repeated use of Universal Cinergia. After looking at all the Miami stuff I found/you sent me, there just are a lot of studios down there, and Universal Cinergia is the constant for these odd dubs that pop up on Hulu or whatnot.

    It's a shame that most people are tightlipped/NDA-bound since all these dubs are fascinating to me.
  4. SNaG
    How did you find it and are there more? I could only see the one episode.
  5. SNaG
    I made the biggest f**king facepalm at this. I saw the NYAV movie and I didn't really like it all that much, and of course fate (IE you) would bring THIS to me.
  6. SNaG
    I'm taking a break from doing any "research-oriented" requests (game requests are very easy lol) so I'll sit on some of the stuff you sent me until I get my mojo back, but I wanna say I appreciate you showing me all this weird stuff. It's super interesting and I will definitely request more of them.
  7. SNaG
    Holy crap. I just flipped through a few. One of the episodes has Matt Fowler from Dynasty Warriors 9 and is directed by, of all people, Michael Donovan. I, uh, wow. Consider my interest piqued.
  8. SNaG
    The dreaded block 'o' names. I can match some of these though. Thanks! Also, where do you FIND this stuff?
  9. SNaG
    There are credits but they're in Korean. None of the standard Netflix credits that come after.
  10. SNaG
    I did take a look and iirc it doesn't have credits, but maybe I can whose voice it a bit. I'm regrettably getting more comfortable with the pool.

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