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  1. Dr.Who
  2. Dr.Who
    Agreed all the way.
  3. Dr.Who
    On that note, commented on the James' compare recently, let me know your thoughts!
  4. Dr.Who
    Yeah, episode's been sped up by the uploader.
  5. Dr.Who
    Cassidy and Butch sounded better in 4Kids' AG than in OS, imo, only James got a little worse, but still way better than anything from JCC, or the nice sounding but bland as paint, Ted Lewis. Time can't make up for not giving a crap about the people or product you're working with or on, really, I agree.

    Exactly: either start with a completely fresh slate altogether, or keep the entire cast intact- none of this playing favorites BS TAJ before them, and DuArt now, have done.
  6. Dr.Who
    I noticed others before that, but the difference is they were ACTUALLY GOOD at their roles, despite that, and were fitting replacements. TPCi's cast are abysmal replacements to this very day, and there's NO excuse 9 years in with 3 different VO directors, as 4Kids had LESS time AND LESS directors, but they managed to do perfectly well with Pokemon.

    4Kids' dub was much better, they put actual effort into their version, it really shows to me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idwQflqjE4o

    If TPCi were going to do what they did to Veronica etc. then JCC, Kayzie, and Rodger shouldn't have been the only ones to get the chance the others were never even offered, imo- it's a double standard and I don't like it one bit.
  7. Dr.Who
    "they should have brought back Mike Pollock. why the *** would they change the cast but bring back Rodger?"

    To this day, I have never understood this, honestly.
    Same, it's just too sad.
  8. Dr.Who
    Agreed, he's been phoning it in for a while now, it's not just you.

    You have a point- Early DP and Mid XY Sarah Ash have the worst Ash voices in the entire English dub to me. Even Kayzie's Ash in the first Mastermind Special dub is better than what Ash sounds like now...
  9. Dr.Who
    I'm crying from laughing so hard at this YouTube comment at how much I agree with it:

    " Ken93Cy 2 weeks ago
    +AwesomeGuy6061 True. The XY dub is so horrific and ear bleeding many many MANY People decided to quit it (including myself) and turn to the JP version with subs!! I just couldn't stand Meowth's street gangsta voice, James's grandpa voice, Jessie's high school valley girl voice and WTF IS with all the alliterations and rhymes??????????? Also don't even get me started on Ash's current voice actress Sarah Natochenny, I will admit she has been bad in the past as Ash but her voice wasn't so ear bleeding. Nowadays in the XY series OH DEAR GOD MY EARS!!!!!!!!"
  10. Dr.Who
    Yeah, how the mighty have fallen...
    These guys really had some interesting findings on TPCi and their dub crew in general:
    I was initially happy Rodger came back, but since the Unova League through all of XY, Parsons' has been half-heartedly doing his narrations, imho even Pollock was way better than this.

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