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  1. EPA Deane
    EPA Deane
    Rocket Racer annoys me a lot because it follows one of the Best Episodes of the Entire show.

    One of the most frustrating things about the 90s Spider-Man show is that it both Drags out Multipart storylines (especially in Season 2 and 4) and yet the pacing of the show is horribly uneven.

    Aunt Anna Watson is the Worst part of the Show.....Ugh Such a Hateful Old Nag.
  2. EPA Deane
    EPA Deane
    I have a feeling that you REALY will not like Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' version of Master Splinter. Eric Bauza is wasted as that version.

    I would definitely like to hear George Takei voice Splinter.

    So it seems we're only getting Spider-man's F4 costumes in the DLC. A Pity.

    What would you say is the worst episode of the 90's Spider-Man animated series in your Opinion?
  3. EPA Deane
    EPA Deane
    I miss the 2011 Thundercats series a lot. The upcoming Roar reboot sound terrible from what I've heard of it.

    I'm really looking forward to the Cassandra Cain Retrospective. She's a honestly a Solid character that's never been used properly More often than not. One Comic that I hope Linkara will cover the Marvel Super Special Adaptation of Dune...

    Honestly Dune as a franchise would work brilliantly as a Grandiose Anime in the Vein of Wolf's Rain or Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo.

    Another Show that would work perfectly with Netflix would be Alias. That Show is So serialised it's insane.
  4. EPA Deane
    EPA Deane
    Considering Johnny Storm's close friendship with Peter, I feel that he may make a Cameo in some DLC.

    The Review of The Wrath of Khan Comic adaptation is definitely one of the best episodes (especially Linkara's reaction to the "KHANNNN" comic panel)

    I wish Gargoyles was on Netflix..... and I also wish Netflix UK would just get Young Justice ALREADY!!! I want to re-watch that show without CN terrible scheduling.

    If Voltron: Legendary Defender was Cartoon Network I honestly think they would have cancelled it just because of poor toy sales (like they did with Young Justice).
  5. EPA Deane
    EPA Deane
    I hope the Fantastic Four are done well in their DLC appearance for Spider-Man PS4, especially Reed Richards (I can't stand the way he got ruined in the Ultimate Marvel Universe)

    I recommend that you check out Atop The 4th Wall. A great Web show review Bad Comics/Star Trek Comics.

    Have you watched Gargoyles by any Chance? Marina Sirtis is intense as the voice of Demona there...
  6. EPA Deane
    EPA Deane
    Who do you think is the best voice for Silver Sable? I most partial to Virginia Madsen's take.
  7. EPA Deane
    EPA Deane
    That's a Fair perspective.

    I'd can understand you avoiding the Star Trek/ Green Lantern crossover since that has the Kelvin timeline cast and uses previous Green Lantern continuity.

    It seems the Comics will have to continue Kelvin stories since the sequel to Beyond has been shelved.

    One Crossover that DESPERATELY needs to be Reprinted at a Decent price is JLA/Avengers. Used copies for issues of that are So High these days.
  8. EPA Deane
    EPA Deane
    That's fair enough.

    If General Chang shows up in Star Trek Discovery, I think Mark Sheppard or James Marsters would be a solid fit as a younger incarnation of the Character.

    Have you read any of the Star Trek Crossover Comics?
  9. EPA Deane
    EPA Deane
    I enjoyed it quite a bit, though the Animation style did take me a while to adjust to.

    The Voice Acting was Terrific and I think the Film has probably my Favourite Portrayal of Miles Morales.

    Was your Christmas less frustrating than mine?
  10. GreenGoblin75
    How did you feel about them killing off Luke?

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