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  1. Soul-dragon
    I think that Burch wouldn’t be reprising Rise. With the way her career is going I don’t think they’ll be anole to get her back. That in mind Erica Mendez would make a fantastic Rise (even if I do want her as the FMC even more admittley) and another VA I could easily picture in the role is Brianna Knickedbocker.

    I’d love a Mitsuru and Makoto interaction as well as an Akechi/Naoto one! One I’m really hoping for admittley is Yukari/Futaba, not because they’re my best girls but because Yukari is a Featherman and Futaba has a Featherman statue in his room. A part of me is hopeful for Kanji and Yusuke as well just so Matthew Mercer can talk to himself once again.
  2. Soul-dragon
    Hey Scrafty what are your thoughts on Persona Q2? It looks like EVERYONE (sans the Persona 1 and 2 characters) are here.
  3. Soul-dragon
    Hey Scrafty I think I just found a place you might like. https://www.reddit.com/r/ChurchofRise/
  4. Soul-dragon
    I honestly have a feeling that if they include Akihiko he'll most likely be either Mick Wingert or Sean Chiplock. Both have subbed in for Brien before, and with successful results. But considering that he was in Sonic Forces it might be possible that he'll return. I hope he does. Akihiko wouldn't be the same without him.
    Two other characters I'm admittley worried about are Teddie and Mitsuru. Sam Rigel is huge in terms of voice directing now (he's doing Ducktales, Scooby Doo and Uni Kitty) so part of me is worried he'll be to busy to reprise and Teddy will have to go through another VA change. Should that come to pass I'd pick Max Mittelman or Eric Vale to stand in for him. With Mitsuru Tara Platt has been working on a lot of independent projects and might noy have time for this. Granted Yuri's returned for Yosuke but given that Laura didn't return for Platnuim while Travis was Clover in Alter Memory her returning is pretty much a coinflip as well.
    Oh well. We'll see what happens.
  5. Soul-dragon
    Actually looking at Rise...she was playable in only Ultimax right? Ultimax isn't the same as the original Arena which this appears to be focusing on. So maybe she won't show up.
  6. Soul-dragon
    We all have those times when we're to hard on a actor just because they were terribly miscast. For example just look at how I treated Janice Kaiwaye as Peko Pekoyama, Dorothy Fahn as Tsumugi Shirogane or Lani Minella as Mia and Micaiah. It's never fair yes, but I can promise you that I'm even worse when it comes to these things (just look at my rant on Mia's voice in Fire Emblem Heroes).
    Chun Li's casting annoyed me a lot at first because you think they would've learned that Ashly isn't a good fit for Laura's roles but learning it was because she was reprising Widow made me furious. She's perfectly capable of voicing two characters with a similar registerer, heck she just did on the new Spider Man show! It also didn't help that Widow was DLC and Chun Li was in the main game.
    When it comes to Rise we'll see what happens. I still want her to do non-union work because I want her to return as Sasha and Mayuri but we'll see what happens.
  7. Soul-dragon
    Nice. I will admit I didn't like her at first but she grew on me. And your right about Laura's portrayal of her being spot on. No wonder you were so upset when she was replaced and critical of when the idiots behind MVC Infinite decided to put Ashly in another one of Laura's roles. Well it's very possible she'll be in the Blazblue fighting game that comes out this year which is getting an English dub so you'll see what happens.
  8. Soul-dragon
    Out of curiosity what is it about Rise that you like so much?

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