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  1. Starscreamsfan
    I agree, but still, Ted is the only one who has played Galactus the way he should be played and is the voice I imagine for him, especially since his lines come directly from the comics.

    Yeah, he would sound pretty similar to Ted.

    Simon should reprise someday. His performance reminded me a lot of Joe Sirola (but with effects added).

    Lex was good, but it would have been a nice surprise to have Simon back.
  2. Starscreamsfan
    Yeah, it has quite a bit of memorable moments and fun scenes.

    Yeah, I remember at first being put off by Sirola's voice, but his acting is what sold it for me. He, Shepard Menken and Simon Templeman are actually my favorite Doom actors.

    Honestly, I feel he does sound pretty imposing and exactly how I imagine Galactus to sound like in the old Galactus saga. Plus, I don't think he sounds like a generic thug (I don't think a generic thug would say things like "O Herald" or deliver that speech at the end so well). His voice kinda reminds me of David Sobolov at times, which really makes me wonder how Sobolov would pull off the role.

    The problem I have with the other Galactus voices is that they make him too evil, whereas Ted makes him more of a prideful being that is beyond good or evil, like in the Galactus Trilogy.
  3. Starscreamsfan
    It's actually my favorite movie of all time. I feel it really does a good job at balancing humor and action and the characters are actually pretty likeable (even the villains have a lot of likeability).

    I agree. He does sound like David here. Tom was good in the 90's Spider-Man cartoon, but the accent was kinda all over the place. If he dropped it, he would sound more like Joseph Sirola's take.

    Here you have better samples of Sirola's Doom and Ted Cassidy's Galactus:



    The way Sirola handles Doom's despair and anger once he suffers his accident is amazing, and I love how he tells his story after the accident.

    As for Galactus, I felt he sounded perfectly imposing and theatrical in the role. Also, his dialogue is taken straight from the comics.
  4. Metabad
    Yeah, I really wish he was directed to do that instead.
  5. Metabad
    I feel like Kirk Thornton is actually a great choice for Shadow...he's just being directed all wrong for the part where he's doing some weird, forced raspy voice, sometimes he sounds decent, but other times it just feels...bleh.

    His Jin/Brandon Heat voice from Samurai Champloo and Gungrave actually sound a lot closer to what his Shadow should sound like, and actually sort of remind me of David Humphrey's Shadow at times, if he did that voice I think he'd be a lot more fitting in the role. It'd be loads better than what he's being directed to do right now.

    Also coincidentally enough in Gungrave, Brandon Heat actually had a girlfriend named Maria.
  6. Starscreamsfan
    Yeah, I honestly like the movie because of the fact that the bad guy is the protagonist of the story.

    Raul's Bison is just absolute perfection. His performance is incredible and the way he delivers his dialogue is just so enjoyable.
  7. Metabad
    Ahh yeah, that could work really well too. Probably would be better than the actual English casting choice, from what I've heard of him.
  8. Starscreamsfan
    Yeah, Janyse would fit the role pretty well.
  9. Starscreamsfan
    I agree. Tony Pastor's direction kinda hurts the performances at times during the first season, but I'm glad he got replaced.

    And I agree, they should have picked another director.

    I absolutely agree. I love old-timey performances, but there are quite a bit of them that don't hold up (mainly from the 1966 Marvel Super Heroes cartoon, the 70's Fantastic Four and Spider-Woman cartoons and the 1981 solo Spider-Man cartoon).
  10. Metabad
    I never got into their stuff myself. Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged got old enough as it is for me.

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