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  1. HylianBelmont
    I guess I just loved how Matt's Ryoma voice had a lot of range it it's delivery in Fates, like when he needed to be commanding. He'd sound like that in his critical quotes. But when he needed to sound softer, he'd sound like that when talking to his younger siblings. I was just throw off a little bit because of HOW rough he went with his Ryoma voice this time around. But hey you need to make it sound distinct from Chrom I suppose.

    FE Awakening is pretty great as well. I'm assuming you're referring to the voice clips when you say "playing" But yes it is a great Fire Emblem experience! Really both the 3DS FE games are IMO.
  2. TylerMirage
    Oh, my gosh. Weeks later and I finally have time to address this. Sorry about that, Huzaifa.

    You were close with your guess - I'm not an actor, but I'm a freelancer filmmaker, so I've been quite busy in the past few months working on local TV shows and movies. Crazy hours followed by periods of unemployment, ha ha.

    It's fascinating to see the science behind all this. I obviously knew that voice-acting and singing shared characteristics, but to see just how much in terms of categorizing voices is so cool.
  3. CatsTuxedo
    I never put too much thought into that sort of thing since I'm not some kind of music major or anything. My general view is simply that if you can sound a lot like the original-language actor and can act decently doing so, you've represented the original actor well (granted the writer doesn't change the character's personality or shoehorn stupid jokes or cultural references or anything).
  4. GreenGoblin75
  5. Autovolt
    I have a account but I don't use it much
  6. GreenGoblin75
    John doing something like his Golgo 13 could work.

    Although maybe it's just me, but Akio doesn't sound that deep.

    I listened to the Japanese version of Snake's call to Meryl and I honestly I think Eric Stuart, as weird as it sounds, could work using a more natural variation of this voice: http://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/...onicles/Flint/
  7. GreenGoblin75
    And I guess I can understand that, but I feel as long as the voice fits the look of the character and the acting is good, then I'm usually fine with the performance.

    Although I think Brian should've used a voice closer to his Wolverine for Vegeta.
  8. GreenGoblin75
    I only used Canadian actors.
  9. Troodon2
    Well if you do get a chance to watch at least the first 7 episodes of Samurai 7, let me know what you think.
  10. GreenGoblin75
    My idea was just if Pioneer had continued dubbing movies post #3.

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