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  1. EPA Deane
    EPA Deane
    Like I said Ergo Proxy and Paranoia Agent are far better examples of his voice direction.

    His work on Ergo Proxy makes me wish he would do ADR work on a Batman Animated series.
  2. 8000 Saiyans
    8000 Saiyans
    At least they have the Champions League.

    If there's one thing I miss about the old days of football is that you could have clubs from Portugal, Scotland, Greece, Yugoslavia, Sweden, the Netherlands and Belgium in the finals of the Champions League, when it was known as the European Cup.
  3. EPA Deane
  4. EPA Deane
    EPA Deane
    It frustrates me that Jonathan Klein (the voice director for Ergo Proxy's dub) wasn't allowed to do a decent job for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite due to pressures from the Game's developers.

    He is usually a Great voice director but..... even solid voice directors can have a rare misfire (e.g. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn's work on the Silent Hill HD Collection).
  5. EPA Deane
    EPA Deane
    Have you seen Ergo Proxy? Megan Hollingshead was badass as Re-L Mayer there.
  6. 8000 Saiyans
    8000 Saiyans
    I feel kinda bad for Liverpool, you know. They'll finish this season with 97 points in the Premier League, and still not win it. Apparently, they've been cursed to not win it by a witch doctor and they'll not win it until a former goalkeeper of the club urinates on all four posts of the Anfield.
  7. EPA Deane
    EPA Deane
    And Transformers roles too.
  8. EPA Deane
    EPA Deane
    I actually spoke to Mike Pollock on his YouTube channel and he said if he had the chance to audtion for the role, he would.

    To be honest I think he would be solid at doing a performance similar to Efrem Zimbalist Jr's

    I hope Erica Lutrell gets to voice Gamora at some point. She would be perfect in the role IMO.
  9. EPA Deane
    EPA Deane
    Who do you think would be a better fit for Doc Ock: Ted Lewis or Mike Pollock?
  10. MasterBlaster
    Same here! I haven't watched the latest season of Young Justice yet, but I plan to! Just gotta get in the right mood, ya know?

    I recently brought Spider-man PS4 this past Christmas, but have yet to really sink any time into it, sadly. I'm hoping to soon, though--just wanna play it together with my older brother. If not, I can always just play it by myself. This past year really was the Year of Spider-Man, wasn't it? XD

    No problem, man!

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