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  1. 8000 Saiyans
    1 Hour Ago
    8000 Saiyans
    This guy also thought of a 80's live-action X-Men cast with John Carpenter director.

    Donald Pleasance - Professor X
    Christopher Lee - Magneto
    Kurt Russell - Wolverine
    Patrick Swayze - Cyclops
    Margaret Avery - Storm
    Ellen Barkin - Jean Grey
    Alice Krige - Mystique
    Jennifer Jason Leigh - Rogue
    Peter Graves - Senator Robert Kelly
    Brion James - Sabretooth
    Val Kilmer - Iceman
    Vincent D'Onofrio - Pyro
    Alexander Godunov - Nightcrawler
    Robert Prosky - William Stryker
  2. 8000 Saiyans
    14 Hours Ago
    8000 Saiyans
    Thankfully we'll never get a "Snake Eyes and the G.I. Joes" show because what works in a comic doesn't translate well into a cartoon. Snake Eyes is cool, but G.I. Joe is supposed to be an ensemble, much like X-Men and the Avengers.

    It's strange, but one of the original 13 Joes, a Joe called Grand Slam never appeared in the show. I think it's because he looked similar to Flash, a character that Frank Welker played.
  3. 8000 Saiyans
    14 Hours Ago
    8000 Saiyans
    For the 1982 run, the chain of command for the Joes was basically more like this. Hawk was the leader of the Joes, with Stalker being the field commander and second-in-command, while Scarlett and Snake Eyes were third and fourth in command it seems.

    Imagine if it was Snake Eyes who was leader of the Joes.

    Snake Eyes: "..."
    Joes: "...?"
  4. 8000 Saiyans
    15 Hours Ago
    8000 Saiyans
    Having done some more research on military stuff and how positions work, it seems like Hama screwed up something. Steeler is one of the 13 original Joes, and his rank was originally that of a second lieutenant (O-1) and he's said to be a tank commander, but in actually a tank commander would be a sergeant (E-5) or a staff sergeant (E-6), while tank platoon leaders are lieutenants (O-1 or O-2). It would have made more sense for Steeler to be a E-5, since Stalker was originally the field commander of the Joes before Duke showed up.
  5. 8000 Saiyans
    15 Hours Ago
    8000 Saiyans
    Hiroe Oka. She voiced Pepper Potts, Mary Jane and the T-X.
  6. 8000 Saiyans
    16 Hours Ago
    8000 Saiyans
    Koyama has also played Daredevil.

    Another case where the dub had some great casting choices, like Ryuzaburo Otomo as Kingpin, Chafurin as Foggy Nelson and Takayuki Sugo as Matt's father.
  7. 8000 Saiyans
    17 Hours Ago
    8000 Saiyans
    Any of the two options is likely to have happened.

    The seiyuu I would have chosen for Silvermane if he had been alive would have been Kohei Miyauchi. It's because he dubbed over Lee Strasberg for a dub of The Godfather Part II and in that film, Strasberg played an elderly gangster. Strasberg also was a teacher of method acting.

    Other seiyuus that could have also worked for Hammerhead other than Takeshi Watabe that come to mind include Shozo Iizuka, Shinpachi Tsuji, Mugihito and Kosei Tomita.
  8. 8000 Saiyans
    17 Hours Ago
    8000 Saiyans
    The page doesn't really say how they met, it just says that they met, that's all. The source came from the dubbing special features of "Report Station".
  9. 8000 Saiyans
    18 Hours Ago
    8000 Saiyans
    According to his Wikipedia page, Nobuo Tanaka actually got to meet Vic Morrow once.

    If a certain seiyuu was still alive by the time I would have thought to set my Japanese dub of Spider-Man TAS, Tanaka wouldn't have been my choice to voice Silvermane.
  10. SNaG
    18 Hours Ago

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