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  1. Autovolt
    well it would make sense.

    I'm really surprised just how much they've ignored the new dinobot.
  2. Autovolt
    It would be except for the fact he's part of the main cast.

    I mean this is the kind of stuff they should have said at SDCC. I mean we know of a Decepticon in the show Underbite who i believe is the first Decepticon that'll show up.


    I'm going to take a wild guess that it'll be either Dee Bradley Baker or Frank Welker who voices him. I don't think he'll be the speaking type.
  3. Autovolt
    NYCC we better get some more information on the show.

    I mean we still don't know Ted McGinely's character and he's a main character?
  4. DreamMaster08X
    Yeah, I try not to make friends with people I don't truly know face-to-face, so maybe that's why (which reminds me that I need to clean out my current friends list). You'd probably be the only exception I make, so consider yourself a lucky guy.
  5. DreamMaster08X
    I am. I would be willing to PM it to you, since I honestly don't just give it out live tissues. Plus, you already do know my name (probably not the FULL full name, but still).
  6. eagc7
    i loved it!
  7. Autovolt
    I keep seeing RID get updated but I have no clue what it is that they are updating?
  8. electronic456
    Oh yeah as for the headshots:
    Optimus- KSI closeup
    Bee- Close up after shooting at Galvatron
    Drift- Amazed expression when seeing Grimlock
    Crosshairs- Hello mama closeup
    Hound- That's a bad idea closeup
    Lockdown- Looking down at Prime
    Galvatron- Fear line
    Ratchet- Confused expression closeup
    Leadfoot- There's only one shot for him
    Brains- KSI invasion closeup

    As for the Dinobots, I don't know really.....
  9. PsychicVoiceSpy
    Glad you liked that casting idea. I have another one, but it's a little different. I think that if Brother Theodore (the first Gollum) were alive in our time, he would make an incredible Starscream, ESPECIALLY if his Starscream happened to be insane.
  10. DreamMaster08X
    Good analogy in general, but honestly, and this is coming from someone who has no interest in sports AT ALL: I feel only a fraction of excitement from a baseball/basketball/whatever-ball game than I do going to the same game live with a willing audience that pass on their excitement and enthusiasm to me, regardless of interest. This is debatable, of course, but it's the best way that I can summarize my feelings on both subjects.

    Another note: I've watched Life of Pi, Pan's Labyrinth, Dark City, and countless other movies on the 'small screen', and while I love both movies, I KNEW I would've had an even better experience seeing them on the big screen (hopefully, I can sometime in the future with re-releases). I guess the best I can say about it, as pompous as I might accidentally sound, is that it's in the eye of the beholder.

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