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  1. Element Riser
    Element Riser
    The Right Place And The Right Mime = One of the best AG episodes.
  2. Kalos Adventurer
    Kalos Adventurer
    Yeah, stupid fandom. Yeah, he may have had coolspeak, Jaden was still fine to me.

    Wonder what their response will be to yours. xD
    They send you a notice at first saying they'll reply/or try to reply within the next 48 hours/2 days.

    True. I swear, of Sora goes like Bruno did, I'm gonna be pissed as throughout each of the series, the YGO writers really seem to love the "Disney Death", "Redemption Equals Death", "Dying Moment of Awesome", "Heroic Sacrifice" and "Killed Off for Real" tropes.

    Speaking of which in Arc V, Aporia VS ZON-E was bull like Joey VS Marik. The way Aporia lost and died, was cheap shot, IMO.
    And lol, Leo's crying his eyes out for the guy yet no one comforts the poor kid and are just like "Aporia's dead? This sucks... " They could've at least had Luna hug him or something.

    Also, it's been confirmed that Serena will be capturing a Pancham with sunglasses soon in the XY Series.
  3. Element Riser
    Element Riser
    Only Barry and Dawn sounded good there.
  4. Kalos Adventurer
    Kalos Adventurer
    IKR! Character wise, I liked Jaden though, it was GX that was boring to me.
    Apparently, Matthew Charles evades Yu-Gi-Oh like the plague at anime events/cons because of Jaden's hatedom.


    That oughta be fun.

    IMO, still keeping up with XY, I find Yuzu more annoying. Unless this crap goes away after the first Arc V arc,
    She'll probably be my least favorite character ut of the bunch. Shame too because she was okay prior to
    Yuto (aka The Dark Duelist) showing up. Also even if his "The shivers!" catchphrase is annoying at times,
    I don't hate Futoshi like everyone else is starting to.

    Well in XY's case, still think it's a good idea, but poorly executed. For Arc V, this is just flat out stupid.

    On the bright side, when the new Yu-Gi-Oh movie is ready to be released, that should mean Arc V
    should start showing trailers for it like 5D's did for Bonds Beyond Time. So that'll be something cool to look forward to.
  5. Element Riser
    Element Riser
    Every other time, you didn't even notice he opened them.

    JYB's Brock at least sounds good, as does Eric Stuart's Kaiba voice. Bill Rogers' voice doesn't sound good on anyone.
  6. Element Riser
    Element Riser
    He's fifteen, but sounds more like fifty, as stated before.

    Too bad Brock opening his eyes stopped being funny a long time ago.

    If he could come back, I wouldn't care if he recycled his Kaiba voice, it would still be better than Bill Rogers.
  7. Element Riser
    Element Riser
    This is probably my least favorite Brock confession moment:

    Interestingly, both of them are labeled "Brock opens his eyes".
  8. Element Riser
    Element Riser
    While OGT kept denying, and damage controlling, and NewBrock just relied on him.

    I'd even say it was the only good one. AG's was okay but seemed more like any other episode, DP's was more about Piplup, BW had a cool Team Rocket showdown and emotion at small points, but it still wasn't enough.
  9. Element Riser
    Element Riser
    I laughed when maddiejoan (Maddie Blaustein) called out old guard lieteller on his see-through alias!

    Maddie Blaustein was the bigger person than either of them; she got so many hateful comments from otakus and still stood strong.
  10. Element Riser
    Element Riser
    I laughed at that part because it was living proof that Bill Rogers is NOT Brock!

    "NewBrock" had to wait for OFT to say something to even back himself up, because he couldn't take on the big bad butler...

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