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  1. SupremeTarantulas
    And yeah once Lizard is introduced, Sauron is gonna be in the X-men series I'm doing and crossover to Spidey for a team up.
  2. SupremeTarantulas
    You must have got in early and were busy, and I posted it a half hour before you're usually on, but you were on then. So either that or the glitch happened where you don't get a post when it's typed.

    I haven't listed the cast yet but most of them are the cast of The Flash if you don't me reimagining them as Spidey characters. Peter is Barry, Uncle Ben is she Henry Allen, Betty is Caitlyn, essentially anyway.

    Glory is Iris without the love story, and Ned if you guessed by now is essentially Cisco cause the Homecoming version is like Cisco which you'll probably tell once Ned starts nicknaming everyone.

    Actually it was meant to be Dr. Doom's great grandfather hence his age. His dad was either not present or a gypsy like his mother.

    And yeah Magneto is little crazy but he's right about the Red Skull.

    This is my ideal Marvel Universe adaption. I Sam doing X-men and Fantastic Four pilots next, or soon.
  3. Starscreamsfan
    Yup, he was the Russian sports administrator in Rocky IV.

    Yeah, I really liked Sewer King, actually, and Michael's performance was one of the main reasons why.

    Yeah, and he was hilarious in that role. It's kind of a callback to his roots as a child singer. He looked unrecognizable, but I heard his Archie voice slipping in quite a few times while he sang.

    Here's a DC bio:

  4. SupremeTarantulas
    No thoughts on the last Spidey act?

    The next one might be more your thing, it's the origin and and all kinds of deep stuff is going on.
  5. Starscreamsfan
    LOL. Yeah, he does look like Crispin Glover.

    Yeah, looks like it.

    Here's a bio I recently made at Marvel:

  6. Starscreamsfan
    Yeah, well, that's how he looked in the comics at the time.

    Yeah, Lance would be a boss Terminator Brainiac.

    Yeah, Jeffrey did a good job. Kinda wish he was Brainiac in the 90's Superman cartoon instead of Corey Burton (who never felt menacing enough for me, except for his Static Shock take).

    Yeah, I feel John is better than Corey's Static Shock take. He's actually my second favorite.

    Next one:

  7. GreenGoblin75
    I was wondering if I could share this dream cast?: http://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/...&postcount=425
  8. Starscreamsfan
    Yup, she is.

    Yeah, Dorian needs more VO work.

    Yeah, and unfortunately, I'm not big on Dorn's Kalibak or Clancy's Luthor (though he was better as President Luthor and Lego Luthor). I feel they would have both made better Darkseids than Michael Ironside.

    Yeah, he has a great voice, and he really seemed to be having a blast as Skeletor.

    I haven't yet, but I'm really looking forward to it.

    T.C. would work pretty well.

    Next character:

  9. Starscreamsfan
    Yeah, Bill Conti really was inspired by those themes.

    Dorian Harewood as Darkseid would be awesome. That is one that really has to happen someday.

    Honestly, I feel Michael Dorn would be a much better Darkseid than he ever was as Kalibak (honestly, his voice was too deep for Kalibak IMO).

    Clancy Brown could also be a cool Darkseid if he used his raspier voice (which would sound pretty similar to Frank Welker's take).

    Frank Langella as Darkseid = WIN!!! Yeah, Darkseid is quiet at times, but there are also times where he can totally lose it.

    Here's another character:

  10. Starscreamsfan
    Yup, it does.

    Yeah, it's actually pretty close to how I imagine Wolverine to sound like. Honestly, if he ever got to reprise Wolverine, I want him to use something like this.

    Yeah, now that was a funny coincidence.

    Here's another character:


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