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  1. SupremeTarantulas
    Finished Legends and Flash.

    Both of these are my favorite seasons of both.

    Notice they both had a character erased in the season finale?
  2. SupremeTarantulas
    Some more interesting stuff I forgot to mention that came to mind watching Super.

    - Why is Vermoud comisidrring Top as his replacement if Jiren's actually stronger than a Destroyer?

    - Did I miss it or did Beerus, Whis, Shin, and Ekder Kai not give energy to the Spirit Bomb?

    - What would happen if a Kai or deity did?

    All caught up on Legends and Flash btw.

    Gotham's next but the last season was rushed out the door and lost the potential it had. After the premiere Bruce and Selena should've been recasted with adult actors because of Bruce becoming Batman.

    Wasn't Selena recast for the finale?

    Oh, nit sure if you read this but a third Githam actor has been in The Arrowverse. The latest version of Gideon was Morena Boccarin but she's uncredited.
  3. SupremeTarantulas
    Ribruanne and U2 make such a big deal about sneak attacks while powering up, then Ribrianne dies the same thing to Goku, while gathering Spirit Bo,b energy.

    The fact he actually let them power up makes her even more hypocritical.
  4. SupremeTarantulas
    Sorry I've been absent but behind on shows.

    I saw Endgame on Tuesday and was too tired to watch the recording.

    Haven't felt much like watching it yet.

    See Super though? Ribianna kina got on my nerves this week because of a hypocritical thing she did.

    Rest of U2 is fine.
  5. SupremeTarantulas
    Yeah. Trying to control something that typically is unpredictable always goes well. No problem there.

    I forgot about the mid-season finale, recorded it but never watched it.

    Pretty good episode, Witt the best part being the tv show intro montages.

    Airwolf and Charlie's Angels.

    Summed the guy version was A-Team but looked it up, it was Airwolf.

    Just heard of that show then too.
  6. SupremeTarantulas
    I like how they're using the recent Flash stuff for Nora like Godspeed and the Negative Speed Force.

    Just wish Godspeed had more episodes cause he's not as complex here.

    Barry actually gets the Negative Speed Force in the comics.

    Frost is weaker but it may because he hasn't wiped out the Saiyans in U6' and that will be hard since he got exposed in the tournaments.

    I assume Frost would be Silver, being Frieza's counterpart.

    Never posted Legebds thoughts btw.

    And thoughts on the Gotham series finale?
  7. SupremeTarantulas
    Actually delete that post cause was gonna add to it later but was exhausted cause of a hectic day.

    Flash thoughts?

    Again, Season 5 has consistent quality and this episode was intense.

    And curious on a power level comparison between Frost and Frieza.

    More curious how Frost will look if he advanced to his version of Golden Frieza.
  8. SupremeTarantulas
    I don't watch Travel Channel shows like that as much as I used to.

    Link YouTube clips and I'll check those out. I assume it's done in Texas?

    Had a few paranormal stuff I actually wanted to mention but forgot what they were with everything.

    Technically, Frost should have gotten Vegeta out of the TOP since Roshi got someone eliminated that way.

    And why did it Vegeta so long to realize Frost didn't put a charm in it?

    Or did it just seem longer and Grand Xeno couldn't determine Vegeta's fate in time?
  9. SupremeTarantulas
    I noticed the Trix reference with Dyspo. Gorky called him a "silly rabbit".

    Hugo Strange was Godspeed.

    Interesting. Maybe we'll get more of the Gotham cost in the Arrowverse now that it's gone.

    Caught up on Legends.

    Thoughts on that and this week's Super? I posted this before it aired.

    And I mentioned my theory on Snoke before, but if you're interested in that in full, I'll post the whole thing.
  10. SupremeTarantulas
    Still going through some life reacted issues causing inactivity on here.

    Same with writing projects if you still want to see them.

    Any thoughts on the new Star Wars trailer?

    Still catching up on Legends, but Flash and Super are up for discussion.

    In the last two I enjoyed the focus on Hit and Roshi more, and the teamwork aspect of this week's.

    And the Dragon Ball throwback with Roshi, Goku, and Krillin too.

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