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  1. MasterBlaster
    Hey there, WrightWay! Sorry I haven't gotten back to you in quite a while, I was rather busy with personal stuff and making requests!

    Oh, no, it's no problem! I understand that such a thing could take some time and I understand that! I do wonder what's taking TPCi so long with an English trailer, though. That's kinda weird.

    Also, not sure if I've asked you this before or not, but do you have a list of talent pools or recording studios that you favor over another?

    By the by, If you ever want to chat on Skype or the like about anything, my door's always open! I'm a pretty social guy (as I'm sure you already know XD) and you're a pretty fun guy to chat with!
  2. GreenGoblin75
    Just curious, what are your thoughts on Barry Allen/The Flash's voices?

    My personal favorites are Justin Chambers and Neal McDonough, since they balance Barry's emotional and comedic moments well.

    I could share some clips of Justin's dialogue that's not in the clip if you'd like.
  3. Marusero
    No worries, man, it's okay.

    What meme? Also, what do you think of the few issues I have with Garchomp?
  4. Starscreamsfan
    Yeah, I really loved B.J.'s Wondy. She truly is great.

    And yeah, Danny's Bizarro is really awesome. I feel he's a little bit better as Bizarro than Superman due to the fun he seems to be having, but he was cool as Supes.

    And yeah, Ernie was just perfect as Cyborg. He really made him relatable.

    Adam really demonstrated that he could do a more comic-accurate take on Batman in "The Fear", which I feel was his best performance.

    And even though he didn't appear much, it's always great to hear Michael Rye as Green Lantern. For me, he's the definitive GL. Same with Stanley Ross as Brainiac. I really felt he's plays the best version of Brainiac.

    And yeah, The Seeds of Doom did a pretty good job at introducing Cyborg and Death of Superman was really a good showcase of Firestorm (and we did get to see Green Lantern being in the middle of the action quite a bit).
  5. Autovolt
    who knew Chris Sabat could do David Moo's Sanji?

    it's been a while since he really showed off his range like this.
  6. Autovolt
  7. Marusero
    Regarding Lucario, I think the right term for it would be "semi-pseudo-legendary", since its base total doesn't equal 600.

    As for Goodra, interesting. Do you have a few complaints about it just like I do with Garchomp, though? Just curious.
  8. Starscreamsfan
    Okay, cool. I'll be waiting.
  9. MasterBlaster
    That is rather disappointing if that does turn out to be true. I felt the dub really improved itself once they started keeping the original music for the movies, even if they didn't bother for the series. Like you said, the movies really felt like a safe haven, where we didn't need to worry about any music replacements, outside of opening and ending themes. And for them to continue replacing music for the newer movies just feel like a slap to the face after all this time.
  10. MasterBlaster
    Ah, I see what you mean. Yeah, it makes sense! I can definitely see that!

    Yeah...if the dub was union, that could have been a great possibility! Aw, thanks!

    Agreed on Generations. One has to wonder why TPC and OLM didn't just do that instead for SM, like they did for BW2. While I do appreciate what they ended up doing, I can't help but feel that the execution wasn't thought out as well as it could have been.

    The animation also was a bit of a mixed bag, despite being done by Team Kato, looking really...off at times (that panning shot of Team Rocket grunts walking, anybody?) in comparison to...well, anything Team Kato worked on at that point (BW2 trailer and the Kalos League matches in XY being some of the best work they've done, IMO).

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