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  1. 1dbad
    Have you heard about Yu-Gi-Oh! VRains getting simulcasted on Crunchyroll yet? I'm sure VRains eventual dub will be of the same quality Arc-V's was, but I am glad we don't have to wait for legal subs at least. It took over 2 years for us to get subs for Arc-V, so having the latest episode an hour and a half after it airs in Japan is quite the difference!
  2. GreenGoblin75
    When you get a chance, of course.
  3. GreenGoblin75
    Here's some more of Neal's Flash: https://youtube.com/watch?v=af3ibY1Toco

    Not sure if it'll change your opinion, but I thought he showed a lot of acting range.

    Unfortunately, he was replaced in Injustice 2, by Taliesin Jaffe actually, who previously voiced him in MK vs DC: https://youtube.com/watch?v=C2yTvy-AgTk (you obviously don't have to watch all 30 minutes).

    Do you have any favorite voice actors for Barry?
  4. Marusero
    Regarding our conversation, I was just waiting for a reply.
  5. Marusero
  6. SupremeTarantulas
    Hey man thanks for the add. I meant to add you due some of your interests(DBZ for instance) and never did I guess.

    Anyway once I sort out sine personal stuff and hobby related stuff I'm open to chatting but it doesn't mean you can't post on my wall. I just may delay my response till I gather my thoughts.

    Also you interested in fan fiction and all. It's mostly Transformers but I do Marvel and DC and anything I feel like really.
  7. Marusero
    You're welcome.

    Oh, I see now.

    I know, right? Mega Garchomp's Shiny coloration is also one of my least favorites: the colors don't match its design. Besides, there are a lot of Pokémon out there that deserve a Mega Evolution way more than Garchomp; in fact, why couldn't Flygon receive a Mega form?
  8. MasterBlaster
    Oops, forgot to add this to the first message! My bad! XD

    I do agree with you for feeling nostalgic for the NYC talent pool. Having watched a lot of 4Kids' dubs on Kids WB and the FoxBox/4KidsTV when I was young gave me a certain fondness of them and, like you said, an interest in voice acting as a whole. Because I lived in NY for most of my life, I actually hoped to one day work at 4Kids.

    It was also through their dubs that I learned how Vocal Evolution played out, to the point where I asked my mom something along the lines of "Mom, how come Ash sounds so different than before?"

    Man, it's times like this that I do wish that the NY talent pool get some good projects nowadays, especially with some of their veterans moving to LA nowadays.
  9. GreenGoblin75
    Yeah, I really enjoyed Justin in the role. That movie was awesome. I especially liked his delivery here: https://youtube.com/watch?v=RKv1VnWwXrw

    I wish he could've stayed on for the New 52 Movies.
  10. MasterBlaster

    Yeah, same here. I could use less whimsical, "Mickey Mouse" miming-along-to-the-music type stuff in his score, thank ya kindly. XD

    Yeah, I agree with that, especially when certain voice directors are involved. I feel like, even with a good and experienced voice director behind the wheel, they can occasionally put out a mixed or even bad performance.

    For example, I love Kris Zimmerman and the projects she directs (Cow and Chicken, Billy and Mandy and the Metal Gear games are among my personal favorites), but I will admit that some of them are a bit..off the mark. Compare something like any of the Metal Gear games or her work for PlatinumGames' games to something like Fire Emblem Fates or any of the Mastiff games she directed--it feels like night and day to me.

    Sweet! I'll send you my contact info through a PM when I get the chance!

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