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  1. GreenGoblin75
    8 Hours Ago
    I’ve definitely liked everything I’ve heard from him so far. Seems like he really gets the franchise.
  2. GreenGoblin75
  3. Nightmare Crusher
    12 Hours Ago
    Nightmare Crusher
    I personally thinks he makes stuff up and has questionable opinions for attention, but it's a weird pattern of behavior. Guess I was getting a little tired of seeing it.
  4. Nightmare Crusher
    12 Hours Ago
    Nightmare Crusher
    I suppose that whole incident is not well known here. His fakery has amused me for awhile, but I figured somebody should say something eventually.

    Oh yeah and uh, this happened today.
  5. Metabad
    1 Day Ago
    I will say though for the Zamasu arc I'd definitely recommend the sub for that one. Shinichiro Miki has some incredible screams and he really let loose in the final episodes of the arc, you could tell he really got into it and gave it his all. James Marsters didn't seem like a bad choice and it's cool that Evolution Piccolo was redeemed, he brought this nice intellectual sound to him but I don't think he sells the more sinister moments quite as well from what I've heard of him.
  6. Metabad
    1 Day Ago
    That'd definitely be for the best, I do recall liking the Copy Vegeta stuff as well which leads right into the Zamasu arc, but it's very clearly filler, there's some dumb stuff that goes on in it and from what I heard that part is better dubbed than subbed. (Then again, friggin' Brian Drummond comes back, I'm still surprised that happened, who could've seen it coming?)
  7. Metabad
    1 Day Ago
    I will say that the BoG adaptation does add a few things here and there, like the whole party takes place on a boat in Super, and they add a scene where Pilaf and his gang infiltrate it, and if I remember correctly they do actually get fed and are pretty thankful for it. Those were some interesting differences that I could kinda get behind, but it's not enough to really change much and the ending killed any good will I had for the adaptation. The sleeping part bothered me and Goku being evenly matched with Beerus really bothered my brother. Resurrection F wasn't quite as bad and I'll admit they do interesting stuff with Frieza around the final episodes of Super, but yeah if you know what goes on in the movie, you're not missing much by skipping out on the arc in the show itself.
  8. Metabad
    2 Days Ago
    I'm fine with getting a new take on Broly though, so long as it's interesting. Can't say I'm too big on Paragus' new design though, he's literally wearing a pink dress and the colours completely clash with his outfit. I thought it would look more like his Heroes design but nope.png.
  9. Metabad
    2 Days Ago
    I'd say that if you absolutely need to check any arc, it's definitely the Zamasu/Future Trunks arc which starts at episode 47, the writing is maybe a little flawed in retrospect, but while I was watching it it was so intense and exciting that I was on the edge of my seat all the way through. Zamasu has definitely become one of my top favourite Dragon Ball villains as well. If there's any arc I'd recommend to you, it's definitely that one. Once I was finished with it I thought to myself that it honestly could be the next Dragon Ball movie and if it was I'd have been excited for it to see what they'd add and how they'd improve an already fantastic story arc. I definitely would've been satisfied with that.
  10. Metabad
    2 Days Ago
    The Resurrection F arc wasn't quite that bad and at least adds Ginyu which is pretty funny, it also adds the people's reactions when Frieza destroys the Earth which was some fairly decent albeit not very in depth insight, but I can appreciate those changes a lot more since while kinda pointless in the long run it at least adds something that wasn't there before. Honestly, during these adaptations, the filler was better than the main arcs, especially since in one episode you basically get Super Saiyan Hercule fighting aliens, and that was pretty great if you're a fan of the character.

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