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  1. HylianBelmont
    I recently saw Dark Side of Dimensions and I thought it was great! All the VAs were as solid as ever. Story was nice and it was pretty cool seeing Bakura, Tristan and Duke again! (Even if Duke didn't have as much of a presence as I would've liked haha) plus the score was great as well IMO. And the fact that there was silent moments really helped too really.

    Although, I wasn't expecting Shadi to have a lot do with the film though, but it was cool I thought (and his last name is Shin I think?) and it was interesting seeing how Bakura's Father actually found the Millennium Ring.
  2. Metabad
    I don't think it was a virus, it was pretty scary, but I was fine a few days later thankfully.
  3. GreenGoblin75
    Sorry, for all the messages, man, but one last thing to ask.

    Do you know what the OST is that plays at the end of this scene from FMA?: https://youtube.com/watch?v=VEkFTs21ONU

    I just really like that music.
  4. GreenGoblin75
    And here's Schemmel's King Kai: https://youtube.com/watch?v=EpjhWr7zIzA

    I believe the clip is from Kai. Not sure what you think of him in the role?

    He's veeeeeeeeery different compared to the Japanese actor who gives off a wise, elderly man vibe, but I enjoy Sean in the role, nevertheless. He gets the failed comedian vibe across well, and does a pretty good job at the wise side, if not as good as Don Brown.
  5. GreenGoblin75
    I believe the movies are non-canon, although they use designs from different times in the show. Dead Zone has Saiyan Saga designs, ToM has Namek Saga designs, and World's Strongest has Android/Cell Saga designs. So they could kinda be assumed to have taken place around then.

    I think the movies are referenced due to dub errors in the old Z dub, and the villain from Dead Zone gets a filler arc in Z, although it's cut out in Kai.

    Also, although most of FUNimation's movie dubs were kinda meh (IMO) since they were Pre-Kai, I'd really recommend watching the Cooler movies (I've only seen the first one), Andrew Chandler gives such a great performance as Cooler, easily a Standout from FUNi's early DBZ dubs.

    BTW, you also got a rematch between Kimblee and Scar from FMA. https://youtube.com/watch?v=_XNa5Z4P6DM

    Dameon Clarke's Cell was one of my favorite vocal performance in Kai.
  6. GreenGoblin75
    For the most part, I believe it's a pretty solid translation. Most of the original-dub isms were actually in the cut dub, though the uncut dub does use a few.

    In Edited Dub, they still use the IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAND, with Chris homaging Brian's delivery, while the uncut dub has the proper 8000 translation: https://youtube.com/watch?v=OAg5ffjikfw

    What's funny is that I think Chris's delivery was better in the cut dub than the uncut dub for this specific scene.
  7. GreenGoblin75
    And I do agree with HylianBelmont that the three Pioneer/Ocean uncut movies are absolutely phenomenal. Seriously great stuff from Ward Perry (who plays a different main character in each movie), Don Brown, Peter Kelamis, Scott McNeil, and Saffron Henderson (Henderson specifically in World's Strongest).

    Kelamis got insanely close to Masako Nozawa in World's Strongest: https://youtube.com/watch?v=RuViG2-w_To at 1:50
  8. GreenGoblin75
    Yeah, like huzaifa said Kai's voices aren't 100% accurate to the Japanese, but I think they keep the spirit and even (hides) improves on them, in my opinion.

    They switch between the Japanese names and dub terms for some of the attacks oddly enough.

    Goku was Sean Schemmel in all three FUNi, but Peter Kelamis (probably my second favorite voice for the guy) was the Ocean voice in that clip.

    Burter: Don Brown (Ocean), Mark Britten (Initial), Chris Sabat (Remastered), Vic Mignogna (Kai).

    Jeice: Scott McNeil (Ocean), Chris Sabat (Initial/Remastered), and Jason Leibrecht (Kai).
  9. huzaifa_ahmed
    But there'r still plenty script changes, & old mistranslations where they dont need to be. I guess they're using proven money makers, but still...

    - Taiyoken = "Solar Flare"

    - Makankosappo /=/ "Special Beam Cannon".

    - Kienzan is "Destructo Disc", to this day.

    - Schemmel's Kaio (called "King Kai", misses the point & is a very silly translation) still sounds like a cartoon animal, when the character's humor comes out of sounding like a very serious aged businessman (in the comics & Japanese track).

    - Several 1997-era fan terms were incorporated into FUNi's dub, they use literal romanizations for some, & amateur BS for many others (some which I listed). I can honestly say I think DB's dub is still worse than 4Kids' old Pokemon dubs, in that sense. Nintendo respected the original writing & jokes, in a general sense that is. Crispin Freeman wrote some of those scripts.

    IMO this dub gets made not just to broaden the audience, but for that old dub's continuation, it seems.
  10. huzaifa_ahmed
    Well yeah, the DBZ dub isnt great either, we do have Kai but that show kind of replaces the music itself, plus the JP acting isnt as good as it was in Z (though its still good). Although it's much shorter/cuts out filler, which is nice. The sticking point with the Kai dub, for me, is that it's similar to the uncut YGO dubs in that it doesnt recast any of the largely miscast actors. It's pretty much "have your nostalgic dub voice cake, & eat the proper script, too", if that makes sense? lol.

    Chris Ayres Freeza, though, is a massive improvement & honestly worth watching at least the Freeza arc Kai dub for that alone. Although FUNi still makes an offensive gay stereotype out of Zarbon - to the point they got an actual gay actor, J Michael Tatum. I mean, dont get me wrong - in general it's a massive step up from the old dub, in part because of the amazing tech improvement & that they're now beholden to subs coming out so quick.

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