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  1. SNaG
    It's all good, I'm sorry I was a little passive aggressive! IRL stress haha.
  2. SNaG
    Didn't wanna continue it on the page. To clarify, yeah, you're right, those are also opinions and poorly worded ones. I may not think the performance is great, as you do (though I wish I did! I don't like disliking stuff per se) but thinking a performance is not good is disconnected from insults to the performer which should not be tolerated. Didn't make myself clear enough in the thread and came off as kinda rude.
  3. GreenGoblin75
  4. GreenGoblin75
    Sylvio sounded pretty hilarious there. Sounds like Yuya's voice is much easier to listen to than Yuma's too.

    Yeah, it's a lot of fun. Troy Baker and Alastair Duncan are the leads. Troy sounds completely unrecognizable.
  5. GreenGoblin75
    That's cool to hear. Darren Dunstan is usually pretty awesome in general.

    Aside from being busy, I've been doing good. Finally finished Star Wars: The Clone Wars a week or two ago and have started playing the new Lord of the Rings game, which is pretty awesome.
  6. GreenGoblin75
    How have you been lately?
  7. 1dbad
    I think you'll be pleased.

    He did! I was impressed they handled it so subtly, since 4K Media usually likes going the extra mile, haha. It's such a fun catchphrase! I was also impressed by Dennis' JPN actor English pronunciation too. He sounds more natural with it compared to most JPN actors.

    Yuto got the best one, for sure. Honestly, I'm kind of underwhelmed with them. Most of them don't quite have the same level of punch or flare compared to the Japanese chants. But I'm still pleased when the dub retains them. Better to have something than nothing at all, haha.
  8. 1dbad
    Agreed. Falling down the stairs was an iconic finish, but it lacked substance due to how little we saw of their rematch. And I always found the Sora Yuya feud really out of left field as well. But at least it does go somewhere in the second season.

    I love Dennis! I'm a sucker for entertaining characters (be they good or bad) and he definitely fits that bill, lol. Daniel Edwards plays him in the dub, and he is the perfect fit. Yet another example of why Daniel is one of my favorite current gen 4K Media VAs. His Japanese voice is a lot of fun as well. He uses A LOT of Engrish, which is the only thing I miss when hearing his dub performance.

    Exactly! Arc-V may not be perfect, but when it does something well, it does it mind-blowingly so.
  9. 1dbad
    I think the Japanese version varied Butch's name mix-up too. Changing it up with Yugo each time doesn't bother me, but it's a bit disappointing with the Duel Chants. Having them be the same each time makes the times the JPN version does something different with them stand out even more. (prime example: The first Sora vs Shun duel) But there being no set chant means the dub can't play with them the same way.

    That's one of my favorite parts of the Arc-V dub, actually. I think the chants add a lot (build up hype, occasionally reveal insight into a character's history, motivations or way of thinking, etc.) so I was happy to see Arc-V's dub retaining them more.

    Me too. I also found it strangely touching how the fisherman acted when that happened. I've never had my opinions change on a character so fast, haha.
  10. 1dbad
    Yeah, I do like how the dub does something different each time. It makes things less repetitive, but it's kind of weird how they removed a catchphrase. Like back when they were 4Kids they loved catchphrases (like Team Rocket's motto), yet they remove similar stuff now in Arc-V. (like the Action Duel chant in Arc-V is the same every time in the Japanese but the dub always changes it up) Guess their opinions have changed on that sort of thing.

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