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  1. Nightmare Crusher
    Nightmare Crusher
    I beat Dragon Lore. There were no English Voice Actor Credits.
  2. Nightmare Crusher
    Nightmare Crusher
    Sorry about the delay. For some reason my messages don't always post to your page.


    Here you go. Just going by description I would have said Cragor was the best fit, but the character above him, Herg, is explicitly said to be his rider. I suppose we could just run with calling him Guardian Dragon like in the Italian version.
  3. Nightmare Crusher
    Nightmare Crusher
    All of the dragon's have a title next to them (Phlogiston's is Dragon of Fire), but none of them have the word Guardian in them.

    I think the manual is supposed to have the dragons paired with their rider or closest affiliation. (Phlogiston is listed right after Werner) I don't recall the Green Dragon being paired with anyone though.

    I can screencap all of the dragon profiles and post images if you want. Maybe you can figure it out.
  4. Nightmare Crusher
    Nightmare Crusher
    Well I can always check the credits once I beat this. Haven't gotten very far at the moment.

    By the way, the manual actually has short bios on all of the characters, including several of the dragons. I'm not sure which one is supposed to be the Green Dragon, but I think the Red Dragon's is the one called Phlogiston. Also, the Thane of Hav'Shal's name is spelled Formar.

    That's what I had thought about the Green Dragon as well.
  5. Nightmare Crusher
    Nightmare Crusher
    GOG is having a sale on a bunch of old PC Adventure games and I decided to pick up Dragon Lore because it was only $1.50 and I wanted to play something with Ed in it.(I also got the first 3 Atlantis games FWIW) It comes with a scan of the manual and I can confirm once and for all that the game does not have English voice actor credits. Unfortunate, but now we know.
  6. Nightmare Crusher
    Nightmare Crusher
    I would like a report on the cigar-related mission.
  7. Nightmare Crusher
    Nightmare Crusher
    I'd say that's pretty cool to hear.
  8. Nightmare Crusher
    Nightmare Crusher
    Glad you liked how this one turned out, though Paul's is also my favorite. I had to save Thanatos for the end. He's still my favorite role from Ed and that bit is stupendously hammy.

    Paul's, "Yes Dad" was actually the reason I chose that one. It's so funny.
  9. Nightmare Crusher
    Nightmare Crusher
    At last Ed has his own video. HEGOTIT!
  10. Nightmare Crusher
    Nightmare Crusher
    SO I've got a little thing for us. I was reading some stuff on the Heavy Rain wiki and it had an interesting tidbit on the minor character Vincent. It said that many fan suspected he was voiced by the same actor as "Doctor Death"(Christian Erickson's character) Shall we take a look?


    I think there's definitely a similarity to Christian, but something's telling me that's David Gasman. I can especially hear it on, "You are one brave lady." What do you think?

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