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  1. Stephy Laurens
    Stephy Laurens
    YOU'VE Never heard of Edge Studios? Well, they are located in four places in the US only. They are located in: NYC (The one I go to), CT, LA (Los Angeles, California) and Washington DC. They are four major studios that work strictly on voice over and train others to become professional! If you read more on the site they have a lot! Even Amy Palant (Former voice of Tails) was involved there to get started in her career.

    Here's the page with her demo...she's Amy P. :http://www.edgestudio.com/edge-demos

    Oh...I really appreciate the feedback you gave on my recordings! The next time I do commercials I will add a music mix to them to give a better delivery than just my voice!

    Thanks so much! Oh....I've also check out a site that has voice over demos of DC Douglas and Roger L. Jackson. I had NO idea Roger did commercials too!

    Here's the link: http://www.voicebank.net/cabinet/agency.do?id=1591
  2. Foxwolf
    Hey Stephy. Great to see you chugging away at auditions. I just checked out your Edge Studio recordings. I thought the 3M Innovation recording worked really well and your voice and tone suited the commercial reading. The Disney Channel one was good but I feel it lacked the energy and enthusiasm that you typically hear from Disney ads.

    So what IS Edge Studio exactly?
  3. Foxwolf
    Hey Stephy, how have you been? I think one of the other team members posted the same link on our Facebook page a couple weeks back.
  4. Foxwolf
    np, as long as you're doing well. I'm nearly done with Dub This and aim to launch it this week. can't wait to see your Balto pics
  5. Foxwolf
    Great news. The other Admins have agreed to let you credit the Alice characters with the list you gave in the beginning, since it sounds like we'll never get confirmation any time soon.
  6. Foxwolf
    How are the pics coming along for Balto?
  7. Foxwolf
    I'm really sorry to hear that. And I appreciate the effort you put in to find out. However, not all is lost. What we can do is add Alice to the site and I'll talk to the rest of the team about just letting you assign the actors you feel you know voice which characters. And we can write in the description that you contacted the studio but they could not reveal the credits.
  8. Foxwolf
    That'd be great. Go for it!!! If you can take a screencap of the credits, that'd be cool too
  9. Foxwolf
    I replied to the Camelot thread. Sorry, I didn't even know you had posted images or that one of our Mods Cat's Tuxedo decided to work on it.
    I mean, the point was seeing your image creating abilities again and I like I posted, they were good given the low quality video you were working with. Let me pow wow with the other Admins again.
  10. Foxwolf
    hey Stephy. whenever you have some time, I'd love your input on a voice acting project idea I'm currently working on.


    also, how's the other request coming along. sorry, not rushing you or anything.


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