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  1. Marusero
    What does the post exactly say, if you remember the majority of it? Also, by KazeNinja17, you're referring to NCZ, right? Just curious, nothing else.

    And… regarding me caring about you… I honestly kind of wanted to say that before I actually did so yesterday.
  2. RetroPokeFan
    Yes. I feel like I’m suffering deja-vu all over again.
  3. Marusero
    It seems as though things don't always go the way we want them to, huh? If that's more than probably the case, though, then I hope it doesn't affect you too much. But again, I'd like to see you come back someday (perhaps next year?). Hope you'll take that into consideration, just in case.

    You are more than welcome, my friend; I would never abandon your side. You see, I just don't like seeing people hurting themselves because of their mistakes—even I do that to myself at times. Just live and learn from them, and things will get better, I promise. Also, thanks for linking me to your Reddit account; if I ever make an account for myself, I'll let you know. I hope we can talk more about fan-castings, discussions on whatever we like, etc.
  4. Marusero
    You're welcome, though I hope you won't be gone forever.

    Don't say that you're not wanted here, even if you screw up and cause trouble, though I'd like to suggest that you should try to think a little more often before saying things. Despite your flaws, I would never judge you, because you (as well as every one of us) aren't meant to be perfect. In addition to that, I would never, ever forget you. Finally, could you please link me to your Reddit account, in case I ever join? That'd be much appreciated.

    In short, I hope that you can understand that you're my friend, no matter how flawed you are, okay? Take care of yourself, girl.
  5. Marusero
    Hey, I was worried about you after what happened to you during a discussion about Palla from Fire Emblem.
  6. Marusero
    Well, if you're a big fan of RPGs (assuming that you really are), I'd like to suggest Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, as well as its side-story game, Hacker's Memory. Both games are available for PS4 and Vita. In addition to that, since I'm aware that you're a big Fire Emblem fan, there's also gonna be a tactical Digimon RPG called "Digimon Survive" for the PC and all current-gen consoles (yes, that means it'll be available for the Switch).
  7. doodlebugfour
    Thoughts on my List of Favorite English Dubs?
  8. Marusero
    What types of video games do you like?
  9. doodlebugfour
    Recently Free Summoned a 5 Star +Spd -Def Peri and gotten +Atk -Def Festival Micaiah. Trying to get Festival Elincia, but kept getting Sorens and Cherches.
  10. doodlebugfour
    Ever heard of Trails in the Sky? I been looking into that series and Im surprised by how strong the worldbuilding and characterization the game trilogy has. Also top tier music.


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    One thing know is that I can get picky when talking about the voice of a character I love.
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    Lauren Landa
    In a galaxy far far away...
    Acting, art, fanfiction, color coded LL videos, reading, whining, being a brat and gaming.
    Student, feminist, democrat and liberal. Hate on me all you want.
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