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  1. huzaifa_ahmed
    On that note, actually I think DiMaggio sounds the closest to Jim Cummings. Voice-wise I think:


    btw, the "Kiss" sites are a Russian piracy site that actually demands ads & payment for their (stolen) works. Please use something like Yahoo View, Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, or FUNimation. Not all of these are entirely free, CR is basicly free but their standard is just subs because the Japanese feel that is much more cost-effective to standardize.

    Yahoo View is totally free, FUNi has some free but it's mainly paid. Netflix has a DVD service as well. For really old stuff there's always, eh, torrents. Better than paying pirates, at least. I tend to use it for stuff that isnt at the library, out of stock/print, or on a streaming service.
  2. huzaifa_ahmed
    Either Blum or Tatasciore sounds appropriate. Fred is closer to Jim although he might be more like some other actors. Maybe Corey Burton or such. Steve has a lot of Jim's gravel, although his voice is much lighter than Jim's. I made a chart of voice timbres awhile back & I'd like to update it at some point.
  3. Troodon2
    Kisscartoon.io or Kissanime.ru
  4. huzaifa_ahmed
    How do you watch TV then, if so?
  5. huzaifa_ahmed
    idk enough about SB T to call it mecha, but I suppose it could reasonably be considered within that realm. That said, have you got a Hulu or FUNi account?
  6. huzaifa_ahmed
    I think Yamato became Battle of the Planets here. Not sure how accurate the dub is to the actual story though. Escaflowne dub is awesome though.

    NGE specificly is a reference to mecha shows & their strong heroic protagonists. Shinji embodies a more "realistic" scared protagonist.
  7. huzaifa_ahmed
    Any you've seen? Like..Space Battleship Yamato, Harlock, Escaflowne, Patlabor, NGE. etc.

    Technically, I think Transformers might also apply although they got bought out by Hasbro & are more about human-esque robots than the actual humans inside them.
  8. huzaifa_ahmed
    Mecha is essentially giant robot shows.
  9. CatsTuxedo
    I don't view Enter as a legitimate critic in any respect. His overwhelming stance that animation must present some sort of moral message is ridiculous and comes off as typical insecurity in one's own sense of maturity, and his history of attacking writers he doesn't like and encouraging others to do the same disqualifies him from any level of respect.

    Also, for someone who's a supposed animation enthusiast, he doesn't come across as knowing anything about what makes animation fun to watch. No demonstrated knowledge of the basic principles like clear, readable and appealing design, line of action, specific expressions, character-enhancing physical acting or anything like that.
  10. Troodon2
    Sym-Bionic Titan?!

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