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  1. Kioea
    1 Day Ago
    That's fair. I actually forgot people wrote stuff like this on purpose (which is ironic, considering I love the whole concept of Pyramus and Thisbe).
  2. Kioea
    1 Day Ago
    I just saw your fanfic reading, and... hoo boy! I've never officially tried my hand at it, but I know for a fact that I could do better than that. Then again, you could probably apply Dunning-Kruger both ways in that statement...
  3. Kioea
    2 Weeks Ago
    Yeah, that's pretty heavy. I sent my condolences to Barbara, and she actually told me that Jodi died in December. So... yeah.
  4. Kioea
    2 Weeks Ago
    You may find this interesting. This is Silent Hunter 5, which, according to MobyGames, has German actors even in the English-speaking roles. Except for the guy who steps into frame at 2.51. Sound familiar?
  5. Shaun Ince
    Shaun Ince
    I know the question regarding whether or not Nolan North voiced War Machine is up for debate & is believed to be someone else, there's a page for an earlier Marvel Super Hero Squad game which also has Nolan credited as War Machine there as well. Might be worth giving that one a look after all the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 stiff is figured out & corrected.
  6. Kioea
    Indeed. I'm looking forward to it. But which of us will get to quote him first?
  7. Kioea
  8. Kioea
    My guess would be that it just fit the role they were going for in that particular movie. It's worth noting that Big Fight and Mansion of the Gods represent the majority of her appearances, so she doesn't really get that much to do in most. Plus, she can be very pleasant when the moment demands it.

    Whatever the case, it would've been done with the authors' permission - Uderzo and Goscinny made sure they were involved in every movie (except the German-made Conquers America) after Asterix the Gaul was made without notifying them. They were so angry about that that they ensured the planned sequel - Asterix and the Golden Sickle - never happened (although it MAY have been finished before the plug was pulled).
  9. Kioea
    Thought I'd mention that I bought a few more Asterix comics the other day, and in those Impedimenta is much more like the Mansions of the Gods version.
  10. Kioea
    Here's something I just found - do you think John Ringham's character Tlatoxl (3.42-4.18, 6.24-7.28, 12.24) sounds like Twelve Tasks Caesar, but less exaggerated? It's annoying, because he never quite gets to that raspy overacting, but I can't help but feel it's close. At any rate, I can see him hitting those notes better than anyone else on the list (from what I've heard so far). That said, I seem to be saying that a lot lately, only to reverse myself at the next discovery.

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