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  1. SF64Rules
    1 Week Ago
    Excuse me, I don't know if this will help any, but if you and a few others are trying to figure out other possible roles that Suzette Mattar might have played (to figure out if she did voice Juri in Battle Assault 3), maybe (I put emphasis on the word) this link can be of assistance:


    Of course, possible video clips of these anime titles in English might be hard to come by, but we all start off small, right?
  2. Metabad
    It's okay, I understand. Thanks for the input!
  3. Metabad
    Hey, Millicent! Hope I'm not bugging you too much. I saw that you made a Captain Future thread a while back and I've been watching a few Ziv and Harmony Gold dubs recently. I really like this voice from Emperor Baal in particular, but I don't know who it is, have you been able to figure it out?

  4. Hayworth
    Hey what's up? If it's cool with you, I've got something I'd like to get your take on:

    A few years back, I rounded up the Outlanders "audition" clips Central Park Media put out as part of a "let's let the fans pick the voices!" contest nearly two decades ago. My familiarity with the NY dub talent pool has gotten better since, but I've never gotten very far in identification with these (a lot of similar sounding voices in a row leads to... easy discouragement). I figured you would be the best person to show these to, if only to appreciate a curio of a very specific era. Of course if you come across something I didn't, I won't complain if you send it my way, hahaha
  5. SNaG
    Oh wow, TIL. That makes sense, thanks! Didn't know of that change. I've only seen the movie once and subtitled, so nothing incongruous stuck out to me.
  6. SNaG
    This is random and has nothing to do with anything but I stumbled across this video.


    In it Conan O'Brien goes and dubs some anime at Bang Zoom. Funny times, etc. Of course, what caught my attention is at Bang Zoom the Manga Entertainment rep said BZ dubs titles like "Ghost in the Shell, what we're working on now." AFAIK isn't BZ's first rodeo with GITS the recent CG series? Furthermore the vid was in 2009. Logistically I GUESS it could have been around the time the Innocence redub was being done but as far as I know that was Animaze. Also, just to befuddle me FURTHER, the clips they're dubbing over seem to be the FIRST GitS movie.

    I don't know how to really end this ramble, it just struck me as weird from my knowledge of GitS dubbing history so I was wondering if you had any thoughts, haha. I usually would chalk it up to funny times but the Manga Entertainment rep saying BZ works on GitS threw me for a loop.
  7. myuacc1
    Congrats on becoming a mod!
  8. martyyahar
    Congratulations on modship!
  9. firefly1
    I must say Millicent I am impressed with your work on Megazone 23.
  10. drakh
    Thanks. Interesting, though not a lot of details. Ocean remains as elusive as ever.

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