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  1. Pokejedservo
    Say FW, you might want to check on the ads on the site because maybe its just my computer but sometimes I seem to be getting a strange sudden little occasional quick bursts of music that seem to come out of nowhere when I am on this site. Are you getting that problem too? If so is there anything that can be done about this?
  2. Pokejedservo
    BTW there Foxwolf eh you might want to fix the DeeJay Voice Compare Poll because I will admit that I... made a mistake, sorry about that...

    Oh yes and in happier news I just recently did a VC for Dudley as well.
  3. CatsTuxedo
    Hey, I'm having trouble in terms of trying to get sound clips for the Crash Bandicoot series characters sent to you guys. Do any of you know how to do that?
  4. Pokejedservo
    I admit I haven't really had the time to try to make new clips for the VT pics but if its any consolation, one of the users said he had a easier time getting it to work on Firefox than Google Chrome, perhaps you can mention something like that on the VT page?

    Oh yes and I notice you have a FAQ page, nice touch but I would like to request a couple of additions to the answer over why not all VA's have pics. Namely on how sometimes not all Voice talent want people to know what they look like (in face semi-known VA Dave Mallow for example actually told us that he prefers that we don't use a real pic of him). That and some of these names are quite possibly if not actually aliases that often enough the actual people who use these aliases only use them occasionally. Granted while a lot of aliases are known for being used by known actors there are still some aliases out there that remain obscure, just thought I mention that.
  5. Pokejedservo
    First of all once again I am bugging you about the "Voice This!" issue but one thing to consider is that it would get Amateur Voice talent interested as I already got one of my fellow VAA members interested in the idea. Just thought I remind you...
  6. Pokejedservo
    BTW there Foxwolf I am curious, should we count "Motion Comics"? We can probably put them in TV shows as a couple of them were shown on TV as them. (The Street Fighter and Voltron Motion Comics that were on SyFy.) If anything else we can use the Batman "Black and White" Motion Comic to update Batman and maybe even Joker (since Michael Dobson voiced them both). Just thought I ask...
  7. Pokejedservo
    Yo FW, noticed a couple of odd site-related things namely on how Jeff Bennett is not on the poll when I added him to the Batman VC and I noticed on how something seems to be odd with Shane Haboucha's file on the site.
  8. Bad Asp
    Bad Asp
    Hey FW. Bad Asp here. I've gotta say this message board feels like a paradise... particularly for people who love their favorite voice actors and prefer Voice Actor A to Voice Actor B or Voice Actor C.

    I can't wait to see what the Sam and Max page will look like!
  9. Pokejedservo
    Say FW, check your e-mail, I admit its about my latest Voice Compare...
  10. Pokejedservo
    Oh yeah FW, could you fix up the Spider Man 2 game page? (Namely remove that Norman Osborn pic that I erroneously placed in). I tried to do that myself but the site won't let me for some reason.

    Oh yeah and for that Norman Osborn VC I did I wasn't sure if I should put in clips from him in Spider Man and his Amazing Friends or the 90's Spiderman as they were both voiced by Neil Ross. (Granted you can hear his Norman Osborn voice in Neil Ross' Green Goblin clip on this site but still.) Sorry if I should tell you about this sooner as I would have been done with it sooner but my internet connection was getting a bit slow on me today. If you think I should add in a clip of Neil Ross as Norman in the 90's series I understand (or if you want to) but I just thought I mention these two things.

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