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  1. Autovolt
    just curious have you seen the Mandalorian yet? i like just finished watching it all today.
  2. PsychicVoiceSpy
    The stupid "They fly now" bit was put in there to push merchandise (according to this)? That makes too much sense.

    I'm not entirely sure whether to take this thing as the truth or not, but it seems plausible enough. I hope we get some more confirmation on this somehow.

    Thanks for sharing. And to think this stupid movie is still going to make a billion dollars.
  3. NCZ
    It's for sure been interesting seeing the wide range of opinions. I more or less figured there would be a lot of different views on everything, and that's honestly what I think is most interesting. TBH, I'm not a big fan of ADV's dub, but I think Funi's and VSI's are solid examples of dubs I'd say are good but not great. Although I will admit I only really got to digest them and sort out what I think when it was time to hunker down on the VCs.
  4. HK-47 master
    HK-47 master
    The first game is more classic Star Wars-y in tone and is more straightforward while the second one is darker and more complex. I have yet to play the Restored Content mod myself due to being unsure about downloading mods; but I've seen clips of the restored content on youtube and man, the stuff it has is deep.

    I admit that I haven't read a lot of the Dark Horse comics but I'm hoping to someday, just need to find a way to access them. I have read the first few issues of Tales of the Jedi and I thought they were interesting. I've also been hoping to read the Darth Bane trilogy, Outbound Flight, and many others.

  5. HK-47 master
    HK-47 master
    I highly recommend Darth Plagueis; it's a lot to read, but it's worth it and it fleshes out Sidious' character without making him too sympathetic. There's even a mention towards Mother Talzin in it.

    KOTOR takes a bit of commitment due to being an RPG but it's well worth it and I highly recommend it to anyway who's interested in getting into the Old Republic era. My advice is that it may take a couple of playthroughs to explore everything since there's a lot of stuff in it (like the side-quests) that's easy to miss on your first time through. There's even things in it that I haven't explored fully yet myself.

  6. HK-47 master
    HK-47 master
    What is your favourite part from the old Star Wars expanded universe?

    Mine would probably be either the KOTOR games or the Darth Plagueis book; the former because it was the first spin-off material I explored that wasn't directly connected to the films, and the latter because of how it explores Plagueis and Sidious' characters and how it references and connects to other parts of the Star Wars universe.
  7. PsychicVoiceSpy
    So, what do you think about the early reception of The Rise of Skywalker?

    I want to get back to those Clone Wars clips soon.
  8. PsychicVoiceSpy
    I'm sorry, but I forgot about the CW clips you sent me, and I haven't even thought to talk to you about anything else until today. Some major family drama happened. September was bad, but October was a sh*t show. Things have mostly been fine since last month, but it threw me off big time.
  9. SupremeTarantulas
    Bad news: The Marvel RP is shutting down due to mix-up with the tech team that got Dyna's account deleted.

    We are rebooting it on another site. You're more than welcome to join ghst and DC hasn't gone anywhere.

    We are in the process of manually moving our bios there once Dyna makes it.

    Bad news aside: How's Star Wars Rebels going?
  10. PsychicVoiceSpy
    I'm so excited to see what happens with The Rise of Skywalker. This whole trilogy has been hit with bad press again and again and again. I think even some of George Lucas' biggest detractors (ones who are pissed at him over his changes to the OT and those who highly dislike the prequels) would probably feel pissed about this.

    They threw his ideas in the garbage for this awful, incoherent "storyline" that they're making up as they go along that's just ruining the franchise's reputation.

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