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  1. SupremeTarantulas
    Was tired the past two days so this got delayed.

    Orlin sounded like Lance Henriksen at times.

    Sucks he's depowered as he'll be less interesting but who knows what he'll do once he meets adult Grace.

    She sounded great though anyway.

    Are the Trio OF Danger a fox, wolf, and coyote, or all wolves?

    The third U4 guy would be a coyote then right?

    I honestly wish General Casserale was the leader instead of Top.

    Top just acts so obnoxious and superior to everyone, and is kinda prejudice to any enemy like Goku because he refused to shake and be a good sport.

    It'd be neat if the Ginyu Force Rules was rewritten as Pride Troopers Rule cause they'e apparently the Universe 11 counterparts.
  2. SupremeTarantulas
    Stephen Amell decided to quit the show apparently thinking it ran it's corse and apparently retire.

    Batwoman is just gonna me it redundant given Arrow's Batwoman influence.

    As for this week's was gonna in,vide that with last night's and forgot. but aside from it being a great episode from start to fish IMO, I'm assuming we're gonna that chemistry meta again, cause he was interesting.

    Any Super/Tournament Of Power thoughts?

    - I miss the Universe 9 team, mainly the Trio Of Danger and the dragon guy. They're the only guys I like outside of some Universe 6(Frost and Hit).

    - The Pride Troopers in thus episode were kinda fun if cool, but I hate Too, as he's either annoying or a jerk.

    - Curious on how Ginyu would react to their poses if he were on the Universe 7 team.
  3. SupremeTarantulas
    Things got a bit crazy and didn't get to log in and have 2 episodes of Gotham recorded, probably gonna be 3.

    Last episode O checked was Jeremiah's return, where he he got more fun.

    Speaking of fun, that's my opinion of The Flash time loop episodes, that Cisco's excuses to Camilla were fun.

    As fir last week, other than "It was cool", the on,y thing I can comment is I forgot what happened to Earth 1 King Shark and that he's from Earth 2 in the Arrowverse.

    Oh, and time to say good-bye to Arrow. My main reason for finally logging in.
  4. SupremeTarantulas
    It was Universal's decision not to make a Hulk 2 because they thought Hulk was weaker than the other MCU entries.

    Oh yeah they had really cool ab lasted effects.

    Reminded me of the blaster effects in Masters Of The Universe, which I checked after you brought it up.

    Julie could have been written better. Courtney Cox is great but after Jukie's backstory, half her dialogue with Kevin is "I love you".
  5. SupremeTarantulas
    I posted that we need another MCU Hulk to see Leader, and a Smallvillenor Gotham reunion.

    Was waiting for you reply but it. ever cane. Flash was untrusting.

    I just got confused a bit fri. the toe depressed Orlin's in Grace's dream world. One is good, the other's Cicada.

    And then the Eobard in Nora's.

    Regarding this week, was kinda out if it bit liked Barry's alter ego, cause of his menacing scene and Iris taking on Cicada.

    And still starting Transformers scripts back up if you want to check them.
  6. SupremeTarantulas
    Standards time travel excuse, best to I gone those lol?

    Call it ego but manipulating his great grandmother into saying Eddie was a cooler explanation IMO.

    Still not up to commenting on TF scripts stuff? I sent that cause I thought you might like that and I'm about to finish it tonight or tomorrow.

    If not we'll discuss Flash and Gotham tomorrow.
  7. SupremeTarantulas
    (Nightshade attempts to disarm Nemesis and makes a move resembling a karate shop, making cheesy fighting noises. Nemesis grabs his arm and tosses him out, more rocks fall but it takes longer this time.. Imperion attempts to attack him with his sword but is blocked by nemesis and his weapons)

    Nemesis: You try the same or similar static Optimus tried on you and expect it to work after claiming victory from such a tactic. You also forgot to prepare for another Autobot sneak attack, relying on confidence alone. Truly pathetic.

    (Nemesis knocks the sword out of Imperion's hand and then drops his own weapons, grabbing Imperion's arm and tossing him in the air. He picks up Imperion's sword.

    Nemesis: Here have your sword

    (It pierces Imperion's chest and the light in his eyes goes as he hits the ground. Nemesis reverts back to vehicle mode and scans for Demolisher and Nightshade but assumes the rocks crushed them. He drives off not noticing Nightshade's cloaked form)
  8. SupremeTarantulas
    Imperion: Defeating Optimus's group of Autobots shouldn't be this easy. It proves that Prime has aged, withered, and the Autobot Resistantce will soon fall. Victory shall be in our grasp, and I will claim Earth in memory of Lord Megatron.

    (The base shakes)

    Imperion: An earthquake? Some kind of Earth based tremor?

    (A portion of the wall then explodes and a black truck drives in, and transforms revealing Nemesis Prime)

    Imperion: Optimus

    Nemesis: Not quite

    (Demolisher transforms and fires his turret but Nemesis pulls out a sword resembling a lightsaber and one with sharp metal blade, leaps into the air, and then brings both down swords down on the turret cutting it onto pieces. He then lands, picks up Demolisher and throws out of the base was he transforms back to vehicle mode and he lets out a comical scream as he falls, with rocks sliding as he tumbles).
  9. SupremeTarantulas
    I wondeer if playing Nora is how got to Earth X?

    A Thawne from further in the future?

    They still haven't addressed how he Eddie didn't erase him? He's clearly a direct descendant and not just related if Eddie nearly erased him.

    Could he have been created another timeline where he stopped Eddie?]

    Checking Gotham then replying. Here's a Revolution sample btw.
  10. SupremeTarantulas
    The designs look neat.

    Why weren't they released?

    Flash and Gotham thoughts?

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