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  1. huzaifa_ahmed
    Fitting characters" isnt "sounding like the voices", tho theyre all kept in mind. One voice being marginally lower or higher than another is not a huge deal. What matters is if said person has what it takes to bring out that character. Vocal timbre sort of narrows things down, I guess. With dubs you dont have a ton of choice between actors inthe first place, though.

    I gave some thoughts on your P4 cast; again, I dont know much about Orion, but he sounds fine I guess. I wanted someone more stoic (of course, he was a silent protagonist so they got Daisuke Namikawa who is known for that soft-spoken quality. My immediate choice might be Matthew Mercer or Kyle Hebert, who can do similar youthful & soft-spoken voices. Dave Wittenberg (think a teenage Kakashi) would also excel.
  2. huzaifa_ahmed
    Just found your last, edited post.

    I guess "dream casts" I'm free to get whoever, but realistically, on a (esp. low) budget of course, you want to make it easy for yourself.

    1. Actor's availability/familiarity - if you like 'em, you'll work well together. If you have lots of money, you generally can bring more folks ofc. Got no money, then no actors.
    2. Actor's audition - if 1 is met, theyll tweak it if need be, even if it isnt great.
    3. Producer involvement - for Disney/WB voice-matches, there is always heavy judgement in studio from producer oversight. Overseeing is generally good, however in certain cases it can be awkward.

    Ex: KH2, the director IIRC specificly wanted Batou after Zane (who Disney, not SquEnix, paid for) left Ansem, while Disney pushed for more of a Zane-like. He, like Akio, was also chosen by the director & was *the* VA for the English-speaking audience (localization was dub-only too), but I guess JP felt Akio was more of that.
  3. huzaifa_ahmed
    Ex: Liam sounds normally nothing like Yasumoto, but he was able to bring out that sort of voice for Asura best. RAD lacks Suwabe's weight, but you can see that the casting is in line with that. Same for Kane & Sato, lighter but similar old sagelike performances.

    Opposite: using MGS or FUNi DBZ dub voices as "how they should sound" references, silly when put it in same sentence as Kojima/Toriyama, w/no interaction. Toei dubbed for $, idk what happened w/MGS but IIRC FFX was the first big game dub where JP really invested themselves.

    Do what you like, I guess, for new stories & alternate versions of the characters, but I dont really feel the need to change it. Esp. when its the same exact story. Characters are cast as they are by directors for good reason, & in my casts, I try to come from a place of understanding that. Part of why I make timbre charts is cuz foreign-language timbres are difficult to gauge. Having it one place makes it easier, like a game almost, lol.
  4. huzaifa_ahmed
    Ultimately it is subjective, however I always keep the source performance in mind because the director chose that. I dont "match timbres" necessarily, I just like finding equivalents that way, I guess.

    Really if a company is going to do another production (howver small it may be) of the same story, the director should be involved in casting it. We've seen directors use primarily foreign-language actors before (Kill Bill used Japanese actors...even voice actors, Metal Gear Solid 5, Dark Souls, Afro Samurai, Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust, Hideki Kamiya/Platinum games beside Bayonetta 2), so it's not impossible, just rarely done primarily. It wasnt Animaze or Studiopolis that went with sound-alikes, it was the Japanese producers who made the show, overseeing it & choosing similarly as they chose in Japan. Obviously they'll sound similar, because that's what they wanted. That's the sort of thing I like.
  5. huzaifa_ahmed
    Hope I'm not confusing..
  6. huzaifa_ahmed
    I generally tend to find people that sound like the original actors, & I appreciate studios & producers that at least try to maintain a sense of consistency. Animaze did this, I don't think most studios would cast without understanding characterization. Many English-original VCs on this site tend to have similar performances. Companies/IP owners tend to do this intentionally, of course.

    The original casting isn't irrelevant, but my point is that your "eh I would like something closer but also not like the original" is kind of pointless. I use the native-language performances as references in my dream casts, because I think they are closest to how the director cast them. Either base it on that, or get a JYB voice-match if you wanted/needed to replace them for some reason.

    & yeah, Brad Swaile'd do well ala JYB. Sounds a lot like him. I'm having trouble finding a Canadian VA along the lines of the original. Andrew Francis sounds too friendly & not refined enough.
  7. huzaifa_ahmed
    I think micro-managing in that way is awkward. It's not "on a scale", really, it's about how much you are like the character. I organize charts to keep things straight, but it's not like Daisuke Ono (or whoever)'s voice *itself* is the character. If it were like that, I'd just do a voice-match or something.

    Anyway, I think maybe Dave Wittenberg could do Itsuki. In Vancouver, I think maybe Mark Hildreth could do it. Incidentally, Alex Organ too.
  8. huzaifa_ahmed
    Do you want a JYB sound or Ono sound?
  9. huzaifa_ahmed
    Guy sounds like JYB, sure, but he sort of sounds dweeb-ish. Johnny IIRC tended to sound more suave, like Daisuke Ono back then.
  10. Autovolt
    I already am aware of it

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